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SKINWORK at Cowshed

Now available at Soho Farmhouse. Coming to Babington House from 7th May.

SKINWORK treatments and products use effective technology, potent ingredients and timeless techniques to rejuvenate the skin and visibly improve common problematic conditions, from acne to visible signs of aging. Get ready for results and relaxation in every treatment with SKINWORK's expert skin coaches at Soho Farmhouse this spring

The Cowshed x SKINWORK R+R Treatment - exclusive to Babington House

Results + Relaxation for your face and body. Beginning with a relaxing and reviving back, neck and shoulder massage. This indulgent 80-minute R+R treatment focuses on your skin results with the added bonus of relaxation. Following your back massage, our resurfacing and energising treatment on your arms and legs for ultimate exfoliation and radiance. SKINWORK on the face includes anti-bac pore extraction, microdermabrasion, lifting and draining facial massage, Lactic + Mandelic Acid peel for deep exfoliation and texture-perfecting. Plus, tension-release neck, shoulder and arm massage. 80 minutes of treatment with additional time for consultation and recommendations. Serious SKINWORK results on the face and body.

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Babington House spa


The ultimate skin quick-fix, incorporating our Lactic + Mandelic Peel for clear and glowing complexion. Step one: Treatment Cleanse. Step two: Heat Mask + Anti-Bac Solution Application. Step three: Neck and Shoulder massage during your heat mask application. Step four: Microdermabrasion. Step five: Essential Extractions. Step six: SKINWORK Lactic + Mandelic Peel. Skin Fix is the ideal quick-fix facial for a glowing complexion

50 mins Choose location

SKINWORK City Cleanse

SKINWORK City Cleanse The City Cleanse combines our most popular treatment elements, including anti-bac pore extractions, a treatment cleanse, antioxidant galvanic infusion, microdermabrasion, and SKINWORK Lactic + Mandelic Peel, and includes a hand, arm, neck and shoulder massage in every treatment, to deliver results and relaxation. Designed to remove blackheads and whiteheads, brighten, skin, treat fine lines, hydrate skin, treat pigmentation, and reduce oiliness.

65 mins Choose location

SKINWORK Clean + Contour

SKINWORK Clean + Contour The perfect pre-party treatment to deliver visible radiance and sculpting, with no downtime. The Clean + Contour facial gently and thoroughly cleanses pores, removing blackheads, whiteheads, and oil. It exfoliates, polishes and brightens with microdermabrasion, and applies our facial massage techniques to remove tension and fluid from the neck, jawline, cheekbones, eyes and forehead, to lift, sculpt, contour and hydrate skin. Red and blue light boosts radiance, stimulates collagen production, and helps prevent and calm acne and redness. Clean + Contour features five key elements. Step one: treatment cleanse. Step two: anti-bac heat mask, extractions. Step three: vacuum suction and microdermabrasion, customised to your skin needs. Step four: LED light therapy. Step five: hydration booster or SKINWORK Peel, customised to your skin needs. This treatment is ideal for more sensitive skin types and those avoiding stronger acids while still looking for a very thorough cleanse, radiance boost, and intensive exfoliation. The treatment is approximately 65 minutes, with additional time allowed for consultation, recommendations, and changes.

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Our new Pro. Glow facial is for tired, congested skin that lacks glow. An extensive 80-minute treatment, it combines anti-bac pore extraction, microdermabrasion, lifting and draining facial massage, antioxidant and galvanic infusion, LED light therapy to boost and calm skin, SKINWORK Lactic + Mandelic Peel, for deep exfoliation and texture-perfecting, plus a tension-release neck, shoulder and arm massage. Book this for deeply cleansed, exfoliated, lifted, calmed, even-toned and glowing skin. Treatment is 80 minutes, with additional time for consultation and recommendations.

80 mins Choose location


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