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Every Cowshed product contains a high ratio of premium quality essential oils, providing therapeutic benefits for which the range is loved.


A fresh, green blend to give you an energy boost. Lemongrass refreshes and cleanses, Ginger awakens the senses and Rosemary sharpens the mind.

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When you need a gentle pick me up, choose this stimulating, spicy blend of Bitter Orange, Grapefruit and Hemp Seed oils.

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Balance owes its uplifting qualities to Rose Geranium, Linden Blossom and Frankincense, a floriental blend that restores harmony and aids relaxation.

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When you're in need of comfort, choose Cosy, our heart-warming mood with a nostalgic blend of Rose Absolute, Patchouli and Cinnamon.

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This decadent, floral concoction of Ylang Ylang, Rose and Palmarosa essential oils encourages a blissed-out state.

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A herbaceous blend to help you slow down and unwind. Lavender helps restore harmony while Eucalyptus works to clarify the mind.

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A zesty citrus blend to lift the spirits. Red Mandarin sharpens the senses while Bitter Orange and Grapefruit help focus the mind.

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Discover Sleepy for the perfect night's sleep. Our bespoke blend of calming Melissa and Lemon Myrtle essential oils help you relax and drift off, leaving you feeling refreshed in the morning.

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Cowshed has evolved into a holistic range of products and treatments, all bound together through our continued use of natural botanicals from sustainable sources containing the highest quality essential oils.

No testing on animals

100% vegetarian

No parabens

No mineral oils

No silicones