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India Sehmi: My morning routine

India Sehmi of @theindiaedit takes us through her morning routine during lockdown and shares tips for starting the day right

Our Awake mood is ideal for enhancing every morning. The refreshing blend of pure Bitter Orange, Grapefruit and Hemp Seed essential oils are set to energise and stimulate the mind. Lifestyle blogger India Sehmi lets us in on how she uses her favourite Awake products in her morning routine and shares tips for kick-starting a positive day during lockdown

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7am – Meditate

'Meditation, movement and a dose of self-care are non-negotiables for me in the morning. Once you start work it's easy not to stop, so beginning my day well is a must. Meditation has noticeably made me more positive and less reactive, while moving my body counteracts my otherwise sedentary lifestyle at the moment.'

7.30am – Move

'Even when I'm working from home, I get up in good time and meditate for 20 minutes. Then I put on some SPF and head out for a walk (provided it's not raining). I'll always listen to a podcast, usually an interview, and wander around my local area for half an hour. Having not spent much time locally pre-lockdown, it's been a treat to get to know the neighbourhood and watch it change through the seasons. I also try to squeeze in a Pilates session when I return home.'

8.30am – Refresh

'After Pilates, I drink a hot ginger and lemon, before hydrating and de-puffing my face with a jade roller and my Antioxidant Serum. I like to keep my Cowshed roller in the fridge, so it feels like heaven after a workout.'

8.50am – Cleanse

'I then shower using the Awake Shower Gel. The citrusy blend is gentle, but energising. It always leaves my skin lightly scented and soft.'

9.15am – Awaken the mind

'Finally, once I'm dressed and ready for work, I'll light the Awake Candle and place it on my desk. It might seem small, but I find it helps me relax before I take on the day.'

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