Five tips to prep your skin for summer

Prime your face and body for the onset of warmer weather (we’re crossing our fingers) with these easy routine changes


By Chloe Lawrance

Summer means lots of things: warm evenings, picnics in the park, and jetting off to explore quaint towns, buzzing cities and feeling the sun on your skin.

The summer months also invite a change-up of your skincare routine. Whether it's swapping out richer formulas for more lightweight alternatives, or dedicating some extra time to your body care routine, these simple steps will elevate your summer skincare routine. Prepare to glow all season long…

1. Lighten up

During the winter, you might find your skin yearns for a little extra nourishment, with rich moisturisers taking precedence over their more lightweight counterparts. But as the weather gets warmer, consider swapping out these heavier formulas, which can feel uncomfortable if you're a little sweaty. The Cowshed Essential Daily Moisturiser will still feed skin with enough hydration without weighing it down, and it's packed with Quinoa extract, plus fatty acids to protect and moisturise. There's also Chamomile, which will help to soothe sun-soaked skin, reduce redness and calm irritation.


2. Smooth things out

For many of us, more temperate weather means a little more skin on show - so it may be time to add some exfoliating essentials to your roster.  Ease your self into a scrubbing routine with our Relax Shower Scrub. This gentle exfoliating shower gel uses Apricot Seed powder to slough away winter's scaly skin, while the blend of lavender and eucalyptus relaxes both muscles and mind. We recommend a shower scrub for a lighter exfoliation experience, alternatively our Dual Action Body Scrub is dedicated to leaving you with smoother a silky skin.


3. Boost hydration

Maintain your skin's supple softness with moisture-rich daily products. Crucially, look for those that hydrate without adding stickiness - the last thing you'll want during the hot summer months. Cowshed's Active Body Oil locks in moisture with a blend of Lemongrass, Ginger and Rosemary oils, while the nourishing base of Grapeseed and Soybean oils deeply moisturises, softening dry skin.


4. Continue Cleansing

Cleansing is an all-year round ritual, in the summer when you are wearing SPF and spending more time outside it is doubly important. Give your skin a break with The Gentle Face Cleanser, formulated to deliver a deep cleanse with none of the irritation and tightness. The Little Treats mini set is perfect to add to hand luggage on summer travels ensuring your cleanse, tone and moisturise regime is not disrupted by summer plans. 


5. Summer Showers

No, we don't mean rain! On those hot days showering twice a day is sometimes the only way to feel clean in the heat. Make your showering experience indulgent and refreshing with our range of luxury shower gels. And with the AM and PM showering we offer 500ml in your favourite shower-gel moods to help you stay feeling great all summer long. 

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