How to style your bathroom the Cowshed way

We turned to Soho House’s House Design Manager, Samantha Latham, for tips on creating a space that’s as beautiful as it is relaxing

By Chloe Lawrance


At Cowshed, we're all about creating relaxing, spa-worthy moments at home. Of course, that means stocking up on our natural products that offer therapeutic benefits and make a positive difference to your wellbeing. But it also means celebrating design details that make your bathroom the ultimate place for all things Zen.

To help you create your own bathroom sanctuary, we turned to interior designer and Soho House's House Design Manager, Samantha Latham, for her tips and tricks. When she's not designing Soho House bathrooms, she's renovating her own east London property that she bought with her partner back in 2021. From smart storage ideas to styling tricks to elevate your space, Latham's advice promises to breathe new life into your bathroom.


Choose timeless design

'Bathrooms aren't spaces that can easily or cheaply be altered, so avoid doing anything too trend-led. Stick to a timeless design; for my bathroom, I tried to think about a relaxing look that I knew would age well and I'd still love in five years' time. For me, that's a muted colour palette, which I used across the walls, ceiling and woodwork to help the eye travel effortlessly around the room.

'I've used a lot of relaxing curves in my bathroom - in the arches, the sink, the blind and even the softened shelf corners. The natural texture and colour of the wooden floor also helps to make the space feel warm in a way that a porcelain tiled floor wouldn't.'


Create ambience with little details

'Put your lights on a dimmer so that you can change the lighting to reflect your mood. Lower lights will help to create a relaxing atmosphere if you're having a night of pampering. Fluffy towels are a must, too.

'When it comes to decor details, plants are always lovely in a bathroom - be that a potted plant or a vase of greenery. I also like to add little shelves to keep a collection of things on. I recently made one out of some old floorboards to hang next to the shower. I put my body cream on it, which feels luxurious. Invest in a speaker for your bathroom as well. Whenever I have a bath, I play classical music; it helps me to unwind even further.'

Bring the Houses home

'The bedrooms at Soho House are a big inspiration for me, especially the bathrooms. Something we do a lot in the Houses is use tiles to add individuality to a space. In my shower, I opted for a plain square tile on the walls and ceiling. To create a little interest, I changed the pattern for the two bottom rows on the walls and added a trim tile to separate this from the tiles above. It's a really simple and subtle way to make your design feel more unique.'


Scent is essential

'Candles are transformative in every space, and no more so than in a bathroom. Cowshed's candles are a great option, as they burn really well and scent the room even when they're not lit. Choose a fragrance that complements your mood - for example, the Relax candle with Lavender and Eucalyptus for when you're taking a calming bath, or the Indulge candle with a , floral blend for unwinding.'

Find chic storage solutions

'If I have an evening on my own, I'll really go for it with the ultimate pampering session: face masks, hair masks, pedicure - the works. That also means I have a lot of products in my bathroom. To avoid clutter, I keep them all in a slim wooden cupboard that I found years ago at an antiques market. It used to have glazed windows, but I didn't like seeing everything inside, so I've now replaced that with linen.

'If you don't have space for a unit like this, get a set of baskets with lids in three different sizes to store everything in. Then, group them together on the floor. Don't forget to put things in logical places: make sure you have a place for a towel within reach of the bath or shower. Nobody wants a cold, wet walk across to the other side of the room for their towel.'



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