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Neville Refreshed

Neville, the men’s grooming range from Cowshed, has had a reboot. Tom Harrigan, Head Barber at Ned’s Barbershop in Ned’s Club Spa, worked on the original formulations and advised on the refresh. He says never underestimate the mood-boosting potential of a traditional wet shave or a simple face scrub in the shower at home.

'I've worked as head barber and men's grooming expert for Soho House for six years. Using super premium ingredients, the reformulated Neville range is our best yet. The design team have given the packaging a shake up too - we now have aluminium tubes that travel well and allow you to squish every last drop of product from the tube.

January is just awful - long nights, the next bank holiday seems an eternity away - so visit our barbershop at The Ned or at Soho Farmhouse where we have a range of services to lift the mood. The king of them all is the full groom package; it includes a traditional wet shave, haircut and a mini facial. If you like, we can even pop a whisky in your hand and polish your boots so you can step out of the shop feeling brand new. If you've not got time for all that, give yourself a spa experience at home using the 2 in 1 Neville Hair & Body wash. Its woody, spicy notes are aromatherapy in the shower. Bliss...

Working with the new facial scrub is a dream; it has a much higher density of micro pumice that exfoliates and cleans out pores. My top tip: use it twice a week. Cleanse your face first (with Neville's facial wash obviously), then apply a small amount using circular motions, paying attention to your nose and brow. Leave it on while you're washing the rest of your body to let the formulation work on the skin, then wash off thoroughly. Once you're out of the shower, dry and your skin has cooled down, hydrate using the Neville Daily Moisturiser'.

Cowshed designer Lauren Rowe developed Neville's new look. 'The product is natural, it really works, so we wanted to it justice by stripping it back while making sure every aspect of the packaging was as sustainable as possible. We drew inspiration from the marbled end pages in antique books for the signature green stripe, while the typography references old whisky labels.'

You can also get the full Neville experience in the barbershop at Soho House Chicago which sits inside the Cowshed spa managed by Juan Ángel Solano. 'The service we provide is special. When you check in, you get offered a complimentary glass of 24 year old scotch. So many barbershops tend to be sterile, more like an in and out shop, ours is a very cosy space. It's an experience from the moment you walk in and that's what makes it different.'