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Five reasons why our bar soaps are best

1. Our soaps are nourishing

Let's start with a little myth-busting: in the past bar soaps have been seen as drying and irritating, leaving skin with a 'tight' feeling. That may have been the case with some, but because ours are made from pure vegetable oils to which we add generous amounts of vegetable-derived glycerine, they won't dry the skin out. And all the essential oils that make them smell delicious (the very same ones used in our shower gels and body lotions) will nourish your skin too. To make sure the texture of the bar feels silky, our soaps are triple milled to ensure the mix is perfectly smooth and lathers up beautifully.

2. They're a good gift

One little bar can be used to wash your hands and as an alternative to shower gel, all while making a chic addition to your bathroom. You could even store them in a drawer and use them instead of scented drawer liners. For these reasons they make excellent gifts - think Secret Santa, stocking fillers or a thank you present to a host for dinner.

3. Bar soaps are the best travelling companions

Bar soaps are easy to travel with - you don't have to worry about them leaking all over your clothes, plus they're solid so you don't have to decant them into little 100ml bottles and put them in a liquids bag. Excellent!

4. They're eco-friendly

Our soaps are made in England which means they have a lower carbon footprint and simply because they are a solid rather than a liquid product, significantly less water is involved in their production.

And finally...

5. Our bar soaps are vegan