Cowshed Refreshed

While the design of our products may have changed, what’s inside remains the same


Natural remedies from the heart and soil of Somerset, England

You’ll find our hand care sitting sink-side in every Soho House worldwide. Our bestselling hand wash and lotion contain a nourishing, cleansing blend of botanicals and essential oils inspired by the walled garden at Babington House, where the first Cowshed spa opened in 1998.

From uplifting diffusers to indulgent bath oils, find the perfect present

We take care to source the finest quality plant extracts and pure essential oils so that every one of our products delivers real, therapeutic benefits through their bespoke fragrance blends. And with our collection of moods there’s a scent to suit however you want to feel, from cosy to awake.

Our Spas

Experience our famously restorative treatments in a sociable space where you can relax and recharge