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Our Relax range

Slow down and unwind with our Relax mood. Our bespoke blend of lavender helps restore harmony while Eucalyptus works to clarify the mind.
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Countdown to Christmas

Our 24-Day Advent Calendar returns with two exclusive designs – keep one for yourself and gift the other to a friend to enjoy during moments of calm this Christmas

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Formulated with wildcrafted plant extracts and essential oils, our Moods are named for the benefits their ingredients provide and how they make you feel.

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Cowshed has evolved into a holistic range of products and treatments, all bound together through our continued use of natural botanicals from sustainable sources containing the highest quality essential oils.

No testing on animals

100% vegetarian

No parabens

No mineral oils

No silicones

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Our candles

Our best-selling moods are now available in 700g triple-wick candles, made with soy-blend wax to deliver a clean burn

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Our Sleep range

Our calming mood is designed to support relaxation and a good night's sleep, with its blend of calming Melissa and Lemon Myrtle essential oils

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