• Tried and Tested: Sam Reynolds Reviews our new Jennifer Young treatment


    Sam Reynolds runs an online resource for those adjusting to life after cancer at and runs the monthly support group Safespaces. We asked her to put our new Jennifer Young spa treatment for people living with and beyond cancer to the test. Here's what she thought:

    'Self-care becomes quite the priority after a cancer diagnosis, but when it comes to spa treatments we can feel more stressed out than blissed out.

    For patients and survivors, simply completing the questionnaire pretreatment can bring on a panic attack, let alone the thought of having to strip down to our M&S t-shirt bras and undies! When it comes to ticking boxes and adding further details to having had any of the ‘medical conditions listed below’, there is a sharp intake of breath and in my case about three sides of A4 paper!

    For anyone affected by cancer, the word ‘treatment’ itself can often be associated with all things chemo and radio and any patient will tell you that the idea of massage and facials can feel like a form of psychological torture after surgery. After two of my three breast cancer diagnosis, I was refused a facial because I was still taking the maintenance drug tamoxifen. What a treat indeed! And once again, the complexities of life after cancer are never ending.

    However, the idea of a few hours to myself in London to sample a new spa treatment, specifically designed for those affected with or post cancer, after eight weeks of school holidays, made me feel slightly light headed. After three uninterrupted chapters of my book, a coffee so hot there was actually steam coming off it, a little sniff around my favourite shops and a salute to the mother ship that is Liberty’s, I arrived in Carnaby Street and skipped into the most stylish shed ever (and not a cow pat in sight!)'

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  • Meet Jennifer Young


    We are delighted to introduce a specialised menu of therapies to our UK spas developed with Jennifer Young, for those living with and beyond cancer. An associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine, beauty therapist and innovative product formulator, Jennifer has combined her extensive knowledge and experience to develop the treatments which include a Rejuvenating Facial, Balance Body & Mind Massage, Indulgent Massage, Manicure and Pedicure. We talked to Jennifer to discover how she came to create her own skincare line for cancer patients and what drives her.

    ‘About 7 years ago my local hospital asked me to create a skincare range for cancer patients. My background was as a scientist; my first degree was in biology, I’ve got a postgraduate degree in occupational health and I’ve got a further post graduate degree in law. I was accepted by the courts as an expert witness and was working in that space which combines health, the environment and law. I was retraining as a massage therapist, aromatherapist, product formulator and beauty therapist. I didn’t know anything about cancer patients or why they would want different products, but I was honoured to be invited and I really like to learn so off I went to the chemo ward.

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  • Spa of the Month: Cowshed Istanbul


    Planning a trip to Istanbul? Make sure you include a visit to the Cowshed spa at Soho House Istanbul - it'll be exactly what you need to relax and revive after a day's sightseeing. You'll fine it on the ground floor of the Glass Building part of the House. Open to both members and non-members, it has five treatment rooms, two hamam rooms, six mani-pedi stations, a men’s grooming area, a blow dry bar and a Cowshed shop. Banu Ozin is Cowshed Istanbul's manager and shared what makes her spa - and city - so special.

    'I’ve been working in the hospitality business for 20 years, including 15 years in fine dining restaurants in South Beach Miami. I moved back to Istanbul four years ago and was working in Soho House Istanbul as Floor Manager before I started managing the spa.'

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  • Ingredient Focus: Sea Buckthorn Oil


    Cowshed's Product Development Manager Oliya Kalashnikova is the powerhouse behind our products, sourcing plant extracts and essential oils from around the world that can deliver amazing benefits to skin and hair, as well as lifting your spirits with beautiful fragrances. A fan of all things natural (including the mug of herbal tea that's always brewing on her desk),  she told us about one of her favourite ingredients, Sea Buckthorn Oil, which is the hero of our Mother range.

    ‘I’m really glad we’re finally speaking about Sea Buckthorn Oil because we use it a lot but we don’t talk about how amazing it is! I’m from Russia and we’ve used it as a supplement, as food and as tea forever. It has so many benefits and it’s an ancient ‘super oil’ that was used in ancient Greece and is even mentioned in Tibetan healing texts – they refer to it as ‘oil of gold’. It’s widely used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine too.

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  • Julia Rebaudo's Life in Beauty


    As Cowshed turns 20 this summer, we've been thinking about how our own approach to beauty has changed over the years. And because there's nothing better than snooping through someone else's bathroom cabinet or make-up bag, we asked Julia Rebaudo of one of our favourite lifestyle blogs Stylonylon to share her own beauty story, from her first forays to what's currently on sink-side rotation.

    'My beauty story started like many of my peers back in the early 90s: a young teenager delighting in the fresh, wholesome new joys of The Body Shop’s enticing range of skincare products, shaking up the beauty industry and rocking our worlds. My early beauty forays having consisted mainly of my Mum’s heavy white Nivea creams in tins with foil sealants were fast replaced with the bubble-filled fun of my very first Passion Fruit cleanser – a smell I will never forget!

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  • A Brief History of Cowshed


    In 1998 a very British beauty brand was born deep in the Somerset countryside. If you've ever wondered why we are called Cowshed, there's a simple reason: we opened our very first spa in the old cowshed at Babington House, Somerset in 1998. The products that were used in the spa treatments and bedrooms at Babington were made using ingredients from the Victorian walled garden on the estate and those are the very same products that you can buy and enjoy at home today. The original scents - or 'moods' were created by master perfumer Richard Howard but the whole idea originated with Soho House founder Nick Jones. Here's the Cowshed story in his own words...

    ‘There was always a plan to have a spa at Babington House, it was just a question of where it was going to go. After looking at all the options it ended up in the old cowshed where the cows used to live. The Cowshed was the obvious name to call the spa because I never try and do a tricky name, I always try and use a name which is simple.

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  • Spa of the Month: Cowshed Barcelona


    No trip to Soho House Barcelona is complete without a trip downstairs to the Cowshed spa.  Based on a traditional Spanish pharmacy, with typical Catalan vaulted ceilings and glazed tiles, the space features a tranquil pool, four treatment rooms, and our signature comfy mani/pedi chairs. Manager Helena Bosch explains what makes her particular Cowshed so special...

    'I’m half Dutch and half Spanish and I’ve been working the hotel industry for 13 years, with four of those in spas and wellness. I love living in Barcelona, going to the gym and exploring new restaurants in the city.

    Our spa has the most beautiful indoor pool with a traditional Catalan ceiling and a very peaceful atmosphere. Our most popular treatment is the Cowshed Moody Massage and our most popular product is Cow Pit deodorant. What makes Cowshed different to other spas is the approach we take to our clients. We are very friendly, familiar with and close to our guests. We like calling our guests by their names and offering them tailor made treatments.'

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  • Tried & Tested: Olivia Davies reviews the Cowshed Mani

    After two and a half years as Fashion Editor for the Dutch edition of L'Officiel, Olivia Davies recently swapped picture perfect Amsterdam for London where she is working freelance across editorial and production projects whilst enjoying a resurgent love affair with London life; starting with some R&R at Cowshed.

    Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 14.30.35

    'Having torn through frantic Shoreditch on my childhood mountain bike, one working brake (front, so handlebar trajectory impending) and apparently the only cyclist succumbing to safety over style on this scorching Saturday morning, you might deem my arrival at the salon somewhat flustered. Now calm and composed having ditched the helmet, I saunter smugly into the refined oasis of Cowshed for my first visit.

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  • Tried and Tested: Our New Bespoke Body Treatment

    We sent Grazia Beauty Editor Hannah Coates to try out our new bespoke body treatment. Here's her verdict.

    'There’s very few of us nowadays who aren’t feeling constantly stressed with tense shoulders, rigid backs and clenched fists to match. With very little respite day to day, sometimes it’s essential to put time aside, book in for a treatment and totally let the world go – scheduled relaxation really can work and I found it at Destination Relaxation, Cowshed. And luckily for me, the new Bespoke Body Treatment was on the menu.

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  • Tried & Tested: SkinCeuticals Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight


    Lucy Quick is a travel writer, mother to Nina and Editor at The Ned, the hotel and members' club in the City of London from Soho House. We asked her to try SkinCeuticals' latest release and share her findings...

    'Is there anyone better to test a new SkinCeuticals product that a Knackered Cow - sorry, I mean, knackered mum? I think not. So, when Phoebe, Cowshed’s editor, asked me to road test SkinCeuticals' new Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight I practically bit her hand off.

    I’m all for natural and organic products, but when it comes to my face, months of broken sleep (thanks to my teething toddler) have left me in need of some definite tightening and brightening, which is exactly what this promises to do. The main ingredients are 10% Glycolic Free Acid and 2% Phytic acid, which are designed to improve texture, radiance and overall glow. Just to flag from the outset – some sensitive types might need time to get used to the (wonderful) glycolic acid, so use this every other night for a week while your skin adjusts, after which you can slap it on daily.

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