Scrub Up for Summer Skin


Cowshed trainer Jess Sproson told us how getting into the exfoliating habit with our new Dual Action Body Scrub means the moment the sun shows its face, she can make the most of her summer wardrobe. She shared her expert tips for perfectly polished skin, whether you’re a fake tan fan or not.

‘I always find time to exfoliate because it encourages your body to turnover cells faster: making your skin look plumper, more youthful, more radiant. Our skin is naturally very good at getting rid of dead skin but it does need a little bit of help to give it that glow. When you want to get your legs out and for them to look firm and toned - that’s when you want to get the exfoliation in.’

Are there any key areas to target?

‘For me, it’s always backs of thighs; we tend to have little bumps and maybe some ingrown hairs from the friction of sitting all day long, and the same with the buttocks. It’s really good to get that circulation going if you sit all day. Get yourself a body brush, they’re great. You can use it before bed to get off dead skin, do it before or after your shower and then moisturise. It’s a great way of exfoliating if you’re struggling for time and it’s really good for improving circulation. I always do my hips, then elbows and knees - those are the key areas I give extra attention to.

How many times should you exfoliate?

It depends on your cell turnover. Normally when you’re younger your cell turnover is much more productive, that’s why you're more likely to suffer with blackheads which are basically dead skin. It's also the reason why the skin is plump and youthful, because it’s turning over all the time. That’s also why it heals so much better; as we get older that slows down.

So maybe if you’re a teenager exfoliate once a week and as you get older… I’m not going to do age limits because everyone is different. But if you feel your skin is just getting dull or dry maybe go up to two times a week, if it’s still not as radiant then try three times a week. Then you can mix up the frequency yourself. 


How do you prep for fake tan?

I love a bit of fake tan, I don’t really sunbathe. Be careful with which one you buy, make sure it matches your skin type. If you’re very pale go for something that’s a lot more rosy, or if you have a darker skin tone go for more of an olive pigment. If you do your research online you can find which fake tan matches your skin type. Some of them have a really green pigment so if you’re quite pale it can make you look quite green, while if you’re quite olive-y as a skin type it would work well. My favourite is Tan-Luxe if you’ve got the cash, or Isle of Paradise is a great affordable alternative that you can get from Boots. That’s what I’m using at the moment and it does look super natural. I’d recommend the green one for darker skin tones and the pink for paler. It stands out for being really easy to use.

If you’re going to use fake tan for a specific event you should always exfoliate the day before, either using a mitt, a body brush or something without oil; the Dual Action Body Scrub is really good for that. Anything with AHAs will help get rid of patches, so it’s really good at blending and helping the longevity of your tan. Moisturise your hands, your feet, your knees and elbows before you tan. I usually do a peel as well, so I moisturise my face because it’s really drying.

It's best to do your tanning before bed. Don’t try and wear it during the day because you wash your hands too much. Let it sink in then wash it off when you wake up. I prefer tanning waters because they don’t get on your bedding and they’re really easy to use, just spritz them over and rub in with a mitt - you can’t go wrong. I even did my back; I got myself in a flat position and then just misted it and it worked really well.

The next day would be all about hydration because fake tan dries your skin. I use oil on my legs as I like them to look shiny. Make sure to reach the arms, chest and back so they look really dewy. Any exposed areas need attention, the face is all about hydration and calming so I use the Phyto Corrective Masque which is super hydrating. So lots of moisturising, lots of facial oil, lots of highlighter and then make up. It’s all about the prep.


How to make it last?

After day three you want to start exfoliating to help blend. You start to see patches, especially on the chest, that fade. You can blend that in with a bit of exfoliator. Exfoliate everywhere quite vigorously to get rid of patchiness and then apply loads of moisturiser and you can get a good week out of it.

If fake tan isn’t your thing then try body shimmers. You can mix your own with body oil and a dash of glitter, just to make your skin look radiant. You could always use shimmered or iridescent products to make your skin look glowy and still quite natural. Of course, still exfoliate to get any dead skin off and then apply the oil for a very natural look. The AHAs in the Dual Action Body Scrub help to tone and perfect your skin whether you use fake tan or not.

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