Spotlight: Wonder Balm


After our October post gave you insight into how to use Wonder Balm, we wanted to celebrate the many ways in which this one stop pot can be integrated into your routine. The bestselling Wonder Balm is our solution to cluttered shelves (we’ve seen your Shelfie Sundays…) Here’s seven ways to make the most of your Wonder Balm.

The Moisturiser

Kahai Nut oil is one of the ingredients that makes the balm such an incredible moisturiser; full to the brim with natural Vitamin E, F and retinol, it is richly hydrating and repairing. It works tirelessly to protect the skin from the elements with the toxin-busting Sea Buckthorn Seed oil, whilst vitamin-rich Avocado Butter combats signs of ageing.

The Body Butter

Our balm is light in consistency and when rubbed it transforms into an oil, making it oh so easy to apply from head to toe. All of the essential oils enrich the skin, making it supple and soft, but Helichrysum oil deserves a notable mention: rich in antioxidants, it thoroughly rejuvenates the skin.



If you’re a fan of double-cleansing, Wonder Balm can be used as an effective first step oil-based cleanser. If you have no idea what double-cleansing is - no judgement here - and you just need a way to remove stubborn waterproof makeup, this is perfect for you.

The Hair Mask

A personal favourite is the dramatic restorative effect the balm can have on hair. If you’re struggling with dull, damaged hair, then try applying the balm to the ends overnight. The essential oils deliver hydration and vitamins, minimising the appearance of split ends and nourishing your hair.

Massage Oil

If you don’t have the time or money to visit a Cowshed spa this month, then Wonder Balm is the next best thing for some spa-level relaxation. Apply it generously to problem areas of the body, the stimulation of the muscles paired with aromatic Rose and Jasmine oils will help you feel calm and balanced.


Lip Balm

Driven to desperation in frosty weather, Wonder Balm is instant salvation for chapped lips. Beyond soothing and hydrating, it gives a long-lasting shine meaning you can forgo lipstick and give your lips a proper break.

Mood Reliever

The aforementioned therapeutic qualities of the essential oils makes the balm a helpful companion for anyone who struggles with stress and related issues, such as headaches. Gently apply a small amount of the balm to the temples to calm and soothe the mind. The fragrance will quickly become a comforting, familiar presence.

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