Gifting this Mother's Day


Our guide to gifting this Mother’s Day is here to help you decide which set might be the best fit for your mum. Whether you have absolutely no idea what to get, or you just need a little push in the right direction, here’s a selection of gift sets that make it seem easy.

The Busy Mum

For the mum that never stops, our Signature Hand & Body selection is a godsend. As well as the Refresh hand wash and lotion, this set features our bestselling Relax bath and shower gel and body lotion, making it perfect for the mum that needs to take a minute- or thirty- and slow down.

The Skincare Newbie Mum

Who doesn’t want to share their skincare routine with their mum? The Little Treats- Face set celebrates the Cowshed basics, making it the perfect introductory set for any mum looking to try something new. Our cleanser, toner and moisturiser come together to create this simple, yet effective, collection.


The Mum in Need of a Spa Day

Whilst we’d all love to treat our mums to a weekend at Farmhouse, it’s not always realistic. This set is designed to offer a taste of the Cowshed spa experience. The Calming Essentials showcases one of our most loved moods, delivering relaxation and recuperation in the comfort of your own home.

The Travelling Mum

If your mum always seems to be jetting off, our Travel Set could be the gift she never knew she needed. With a selection of Cowshed favourites, there’s one less thing for her to think about while she's on-the-go.

The Lucky Mum

For the mum you really want to spoil, the Cowshed Ultimate Hamper is all she could want and more. Made up of a selection of our bestselling skincare and body care products, you can treat your mum to her all-time favourites and introduce her to something new.


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