Everything you need to know about our bespoke body treatment

Our new bespoke treatment lets you create your own tailored experience in consultation with your therapist, so you get something that's designed to address your specific needs. We asked Cowshed Carnaby's Danielle to explain a bit more about what to expect from our Bespoke Body treatment, which can be 60 or 90 minutes long depending on how much time you have.

'The baseline of the treatment is a bespoke salt scrub massage – every version includes that. You get the body brushing, the scrub and the massage. The bespoke part is the products or the areas that the client wants us to focus on. It’s a mixture of how they’re feeling and any physical areas they want to address. So, if they want something a bit more relaxing we might use the Knackered or the Lazy oils which are more calming. If they’ve got concerns with things like cellulite or water retention we’ve got the Slender Cow products that we could use. If they've got dry skin and they’re wanting something a bit more hydrating, we’ve got richer products with butters and coconut oil in the Udderly Gorgeous range.'


We’d start with the body brushing – I guess the areas that a therapist would start on might be dependent on the therapist, but personally I start on the back of the legs. I would body brush the back of the legs, then do a lovely scrub on the legs as well, remove with hot towels and hot mitts depending on the site, then move onto the back and do the same – dry body brushing and body scrub. I would start the massage after I've finished the brushing and scrubbing so it’s just a whole sequence of massage.

If somebody wanted a wrap, we’ve got juniper and jasmine lotion so we could wrap them up and give them a lovely scalp massage. A wrap allows the products that you’ve applied to the skin to penetrate in, so instead of massaging it in, you’d wrap them up, make them nice and cosy, give them a nice scalp or foot massage – instead of a body massage. But at the end you could do a really quick massage just to rub the final bit of product in. Or if they’ve got concerns with blackheads on their back and wanted a back facial, we could do extractions for them.


Before, they could choose either a wrap, a scrub, a massage or the Sleepy Cow treatment. We have clients who used to have those treatments and see that we’ve got now the Bespoke Body and they still ask for their favourite old treatment and we’re like ‘of course we can do that!’  That’s the point of having the one treatment – if you want to have what you had in the past, we can do that for you, or if you want to change it up a little bit we can do that as well.

We have more freedom now – if the client wants to try something a little bit different we can suggest things. We’ve got Thai compressors that we can use – essentially, they're like cotton wrapped around a bunch of different Thai herbs and spices. We pop them in the hot cabbie so they’re warm when we apply them to the area. We use them to massage and it’s really good for relieving water retention. It feels soft but also surprisingly quite firm as well and you can really get into specific areas, into the muscles. It’s really nice on the legs, especially the thigh area. It’s something to experience! You can smell the herbs when you walk into the treatment room, it’s quite warm and musky, it’s hard to describe!

Currently it takes about 45 minutes to do the body brushing and the scrubbing, so then you’ve got the next 45 minutes to do the massage. The 60 minute version of the treatment is a lot more localised to the client’s concerns. So if somebody’s got a lot of tension in their back or just wants a nice relaxing treatment for their back half of their body, we could do a lot of lovely brushing and scrubbing and massage. Or if somebody just wanted to have a more localised treatment on their legs we could do that. 90 minutes is a commitment for somebody that doesn’t have a lot of time so 60 minutes might be easier, and then if they love it and want to come back for more, they can have the 90-minute version!

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