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  • Little Wonder


    Allow us to introduce Kahai Wonder Balm, our new botanical multitasker in a clever balm-to-oil blend that works to heal, nourish and protect from head to toe. It's packed with Kahai oil, Avocado butter and Daikon oil and also smells delicious thanks to a heady blend of Jasmine and Rose essential oils.

    The hero ingredient is cold-pressed Kahai oil which is rich in Vitamins E and F and Retinol and packs some serious anti-ageing and skin-softening punch. We asked Cowshed's product formulator Oliya to explain just what makes Kahai oil - and Wonder Balm - so wonderful...

    'Our new Wonder Balm nourishes, softens and repairs skin and hair. We tried it out on the team when it was being formulated and many found it improved their dermatitis and are now massive fans! You could also use it to treat eczema, psoriasis, acne, stretch marks and burn marks. Kahai oil is a relatively new ingredient that hasn’t been used commonly before. I call it the new supernut! It's has fantastic anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-fungal properties too.

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  • Introducing Indulge Bath & Body Oil


    We asked Cowshed's product formulator Oliya to tell us a bit about the newest addition to our Indulge mood - a bath & body oil - and a little bit more about its hero ingredient, Borage seed oil.

    Indulge is one of our most popular fragrance moods – it’s a beautiful, floriental, spicy fragrance. A lot of women were asking for a complimentary oil to bathe in, to use on their skin and for massages – basically to complete their ritual. There was a real demand, so we met it! This particular oil has such a heady, romantic, intensely feminine and sensual fragrance… we wanted to try to bring back that sense of taking time for yourself - think Cleopatra, or the golden age of Hollywood, just making bathing into a ritual again.

    Of all our senses, smell is the strongest and that’s why this oil is so powerful. It is a 100% natural, bespoke blend of floral oils that interact with the parfum - which comes from Rose Absolute, Mandarin Oil and Palmarosa Oil - to create a unique composition. It warms on the skin, gradually releasing the different layers of scent – you might pick up on the spicy heat of clove oil, while sweet almond will intensely moisturise without leaving the skin feeling greasy.'

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