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How to keep your calm through Christmas

Avoid festive burnout with these relaxation tips, inspired by our Cowshed spas

By Chloe Lawrance

Between catching up with old friends, hosting duties and present shopping for loved ones, the festive period can be a busy one - which means creating calming habits at Christmas is essential. Inspired by some of the relaxing rituals we use in our Cowshed spas, here are five foolproof ways to rid yourself of unwanted stress and find a moment of calm during the festivities…

Schedule in downtime

It may sound obvious, but if your calendar is jam-packed with engagements throughout December, making time to recharge and relax can fall by the wayside. To prevent self-care becoming an afterthought, actively carve out time for it and then put it in your diary. Making me-time a non-negotiable will help to prevent potential festive burnout.

Rediscover your rituals

With downtime now scheduled in, use it to reconnect with yourself. Ritualistic activities - be that carrying out your skincare routine or simply having a long bath - can be almost meditative; a million miles from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the Christmas season. If you're short on time, pamper yourself in just 15 minutes with the detoxifying Clay Face Mask, which is used as part of our skin treatments in the Cowshed spas. The mineral-rich formula uses Kaolin Clay and Palmarosa essential oil to draw out embedded impurities, balance sebum levels, promote cell renewal, and help even skin tone.

Release some tension

If you're unable to stop in at one of our spas this December, bring some of our relaxing massage techniques home instead. They're a sure-fire way to immediately feel calmer. Use the Relax Body Oil to hydrate skin from top to toe, working it into limbs to release any tension held in your muscles. Focus particularly on areas that you may hold a lot of stress, such as your neck and upper shoulders. Lavender and Eucalyptus essential oils will help to relax your mind as you relieve any tightness.

Create a scent sanctuary

It's simple to create your very own scent sanctuary at home, whether it's in your bathroom as you take a shower, in your bedroom as you wind down before bed, or in your living room as you curl up on the sofa. Layer up fragrance with a matching candle and diffuser; the Relax Candle and Diffuser duo delivers calming Lavender and uplifting Eucalyptus to help you unwind on days when you're feeling stressed out.

Alternatively, our Electric Diffuser will allow you to diffuse therapeutic essential oils with just the touch of a button. Our specially tailored oil blends include Refresh to awaken the mind, Cosy for comfort, and Sleep to aid relaxation.

Prioritise winding down

Getting enough rest is essential for staying in control throughout the busy Christmas season, so it's important to practise good sleep hygiene. Unplug from screens an hour or so before bed, and focus on turning your bedroom into a cosy, comfy and relaxing space. That means soft, warm lighting and plenty of cosy blankets to help you drift off.

Look to our Sleep range to help you wind down further. Mist your bedding with our Calming Pillow Mist, and sink into a relaxing evening bath, enhanced with our Sleep Bath Salts and Bath Oil. The Sleep range is packed with Lavender, which works with Chamomile, Geranium, Frankincense and Jasmine to help reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. Everything you need to help lull you to sleep…