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Time to Relax

Our four simple steps for full tranquillity with the Relax range

Before the new year really gets going, now is the time to make a simple resolution: make 2020 the year you make time to relax. Between work and everything else going on, the hectic pace of day-to-day life can take its toll. We know that finding the time to unwind is often easier said than done, but some well-deserved R & R after a long, stressful day is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

When you're feeling burnt out, our Relax range - featuring relaxing Lavender and uplifting Eucalyptus essential oils - is the perfect way to unwind.

Step 1: Start by setting up our relaxing Room Candle around your bathtub to infuse the room with its fresh, herbaceous fragrance. Let's face it, there are few better ways to relax than in a room lit by warm, soft candlelight.

Step 2: Once you've created the perfect, calming atmosphere, run a warm bath and pour some of our relaxing Bath and Body Oil into the tub. The lavender essential oil helps ease tired and aching muscles, while the Eucalyptus cleanses and freshens your skin. Step in, soak and enjoy some 'me' time.

Step 3: Apply our Relax Body Lotion with moisturising and toning Shea and Cocoa Butters; massage the relaxing, aromatic blend into your skin to leave it soft and fragranced.

Step 4: Slip into your comfiest pyjamas, grab a good book and curl up with a cup of soothing chamomile or peppermint tea - the perfect way to end a relaxing evening.

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