Any expectant or new mother is certainly in need of some time out to indulge and pamper.

During pregnancy your body is continually adjusting and sometimes needs a little help along the way. Cowshed is the perfect place to indulge in some pre or post pregnancy pampering. With every product in our Udderly Gorgeous range containing sea buckthorn oil, our treatments will help to nourish and protect the skin during this special time.

These treatments are designed for clients that are 12 weeks pregnant or more. 

Udderly Gorgeous Body

Udderly Gorgeous Treatments assist in keeping rapidly growing skin supple, maintaining skin tone and elasticity, whilst being deeply relaxing

Ultimately Udderly Gorgeous | 4-5 hrs

The ideal top-to-toe package in preparation for your new arrival:

Udderly Gorgeous Full Body Care
Cowshed Facial
Speedy Manicure

Udderly Gorgeous Full Body Care | 90min

Foot soak, dry skin brushing, exfoliation, massage with intense nourishing mask stretch mark prone areas and face reviver.

Udderly Gorgeous Full Body Massage | 60min

Foot soak, full body massage and face reviver

Udderly Gorgeous Back Massage | 30min

Foot soak, seated massage, reliving tension in the back, neck and shoulders.

Udderly Gorgeous Legs | 30min

Foot soak, exfoliation and massage.

Udderly Gorgeous Grooming

Look udderly gorgeous for your new arrival with our Cowshed grooming:

Udderly Gorgeous Hands

Ultimate Manicure | 60min 
Manicure | 45min 
Speedy Manicure | 30min 

Udderly Gorgeous Feet

Ultimate Pedicure | 75min
Pedicure | 60min |
Speedy Pedicure | 30min 

Udderly Gorgeous Face

Cowshed Facial | 60min 
Speedy Facial | 30min

Udderly Hairless

Be Hair-less for the big event:

Waxing: Bacaklar ve kollar için şerit ağda ve vücudun diğer hassas yerleri için sıcak ağda kullanılır.

Full Leg & High Bikini

Full Leg & Basic Bikini

Half Leg & High Bikini

Half Leg & Basic Bikini 

Full Leg 

Half Leg 

Brazilian / Hollywood 

High Bikini

Basic Bikini 


Full Arm 

Half Arm 



Eyebrow Shape 

Eyebrow Tidy 

Lip or chin