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Six steps to creating the ultimate bath with Eimear Varian Barry

The content creator and mum-of-three shares tips for winding down and running the perfect bath

While many of us are juggling work and home-schooling, it's important to develop small rituals to help you relax and settle in for the evening after you clock off. Here, content creator and busy mum-of-three, Eimear Varian Barry, tells us how she runs the perfect bath using the Cowshed Relax range, which combines Lavender, Eucalyptus and Chamomile to ease tension and calm your mind.

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What I see

'As a photographer, I get really influenced by lighting. It can change my entire mood. When we were designing our bathroom, we knew we wanted to have a few lighting options. I dim the spotlights and light one of Cowshed's Relax candles when I'm having a bath. It creates a cosy, sexy vibe, and the blend of Lavender and Eucalyptus fills the room with the most calming scents to help me unwind.'

What I hear

'We installed a Bluetooth speaker in the bathroom. I didn't realise I would use it as much as I do. I love lying in the warm water, either listening to the sound of waves, a tropical forest, a BBC Radio 4 documentary, chilled music, or a good podcast.'

How I feel

'I like having a hot bath and sometimes need to top it up because I'm in there for so long! Submerging my whole body into a warm bath… well, there are no words for it.'

Products I use

'I have a few beauty rituals when it comes to having a bath. Sometimes, I'll give my skin a good exfoliating scrub. But when I really want to relax at the end of a busy day, I add the Relax Bath & Body Oil, which help my muscles loosen. On other occasions, I'll put a hair and face mask on at the same time and just lie back.'

How I think

'It's really difficult for me to relax in the bath. As a creative, a business owner and a single mother of three, my mind is constantly racing with life admin that needs to be completed, deadlines I'm striving to meet, and mothering as best I can.

'I also have a huge tendency to lose focus, but it's something I'm trying hard to work on as I know how important taking a moment is. Baths are therapy for me, and why go to all the trouble of creating this special experience when you can't even switch off?'


'Getting into a House robe after a bath is the best feeling. If I haven't used oil in it, then I apply it after, which makes me feel moisturised, pampered, and taken care of. It's all about self-love.'

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