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Nieve Tierney residency at Shoreditch Health Club

Nieve Tierney Treatments are available every Wednesday.

Nieve Tierney is a reiki master and energy healer who helps raise your body's vibration to aid anxiety, depression, poor sleep, low energy, and stress.

When you experience trauma of any kind, energy can become stagnant and blocked within the body's field. Our treatments work on a cellular level to help open up the flow of energy that runs across the body, unblocking trapped energies to help alleviate trauma, pain, stress, anxiety, and withheld emotions. After a session, you'll feel emotionally lighter with aligned energy flow.

Reiki originated in Japan over 100 years ago. It's a non-evasive, gentle form of healing using hand techniques, on or off the body, to connect to a person's energy flow. Reiki is known for its ability to restore harmony and balance by working with energies that exist inside and around all of us, including the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Reiki Crystal Mapping and Energy Healing

Reiki healing aligns your chakras, attunes your energy and brings balance by unblocking negative energies and releasing any trauma. During the treatment, Nieve aids healing by crystal mapping your chakras (key energetic centres in your body), using the frequency from the crystals to help anchor and amplify the energy flow. Each crystal is chosen based on your individual energy frequency – therefore, the treatment is entirely bespoke and no two sessions are alike. Sessions end with an explanation of your energetic blueprint and feedback on the crystal mapping applied. In this extended version of our Crystal Mapping and Energy Healing treatment, Nieve combines reiki with an assessment of your energetic field for a deeper level of healing. The session will involve a longer discussion with her to determine which energies need to be released into your energetic systems, and the best way to support yourself in these areas moving forward. Nieve also offers aftercare, so you can maintain the tune of your energy flow between sessions.

Shoreditch House


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