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Nicole Rutsch residency at New York

Available on Wednesdays.

Nicole Rutsch is an LA/ NYC-based Karuna Holy Fire reiki master, sound healer and herbalist. She works with individuals who want to take their lives in a new, positive direction, and help them reduce stress and anxiety.

She started her career as a photo assistant, which led to her becoming a food stylist. After working in the catering industry and wellness space, Rutsch studied herbalism and reiki. This inspired her to begin her current practice, which harnesses the power of reiki, sound healing, herbal remedies, and a healthy lifestyle.

30min Energy Reset - Reiki Healing Session

This session is intended for you to cleanse and reset your chakras (energy centers) and your auric field. We will cut any cords that may have been connected to you and might be holding you back from being your authentic self. Releasing these attachments will help you to feel re-centered and aligned.

30 mins Choose location

Soho House New York

Reiki Healing Session

This 60min Reiki Healing session will allow you to rest your energetic body, cleanse and clear any negative emotions, restore your nervous system and allow your body to jumpstart healing itself. This is truly a wonderful intro to my work. As a New Client you will experience the magic of reiki and its power.

60 mins Choose location

Soho House New York

Animal Reiki

This reiki session is intended for your animal. Animal reiki is similar to human reiki but our sessions are much shorter since we are working with the animal. The Animal Reiki energy is specifically reiki energy for animals. *Per House rules only service animals are allowed.

30 mins Choose location

Soho House New York


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