Udderly Gorgeous Maternity Treatments

Cowshed is the perfect place to indulge in some pre or post pregnancy pampering with our specialised Udderly Gorgeous products and treatments.

These treatments are designed for clients that are 12 weeks pregnant or more, no treatments can be given in the first trimester.

Little ones are not permitted in our Cowshed spas so to experience complete relaxation please ask a loved one to take care of them for you at home.

Udderly Gorgeous Body

These body treatments assist in keeping rapidly growing skin supple, maintaining skin tone and elasticity, whilst being deeply relaxing.

Ultimately Udderly Gorgeous | 4-5 hrs | £310

The ideal top-to-toe package in preparation for your new arrival:

Udderly Gorgeous Full Body Care
Cowshed Facial
Speedy Manicure

Udderly Gorgeous Full Body Care | 90min | £115

Foot soak, dry skin brushing, exfoliation, massage, intense nourishing mask for stretch mark prone areas and facial rejuvenation.

Udderly Gorgeous Full Body Massage | 60min | £80

Foot soak, full body massage and facial rejuvenation.

Udderly Gorgeous Back Massage | 30min | £55

Foot soak and seated massage in our comfy therapy room, with a focus on back, neck and shoulders.

Udderly Gorgeous Legs | 30min | £40

Foot soak, exfoliation and massage.

Udderly Gorgeous Grooming

Look udderly gorgeous for your new arrival with our Cowshed grooming:

For Face, Hands & Feet and Hair Removal see full treatment menu

Please let your therapist know if you are pregnant when booking so they can tailor your treatment for you.