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Cowshed’s guide to creating the ultimate bathroom experience

Build a calming, indulgent space using techniques taken from our spas and the Houses

By Megan Murray

Whether it's a weekend pamper session, long evening bath or quick jump in the shower, time spent in the bathroom is an opportunity to take a moment for yourself. In our Cowshed spas, we use a connection to nature to create a calming environment through botanical scents and products, as well as atmospheric lighting and textiles for comfort.

Here, we draw on techniques used by our therapists and in the Houses to inspire you and create an at-home experience that gives you that slice of tranquillity in the busy day-to-day. Using a mix of decor, ambience and your favourite products, you can bolster your bathroom.

Use scent to enhance the space

Scent is a powerful tool in any space, but as the bathroom is every home's little sanctuary, it's important that the senses are calmed as soon as you enter.

In our spas, we use electronic diffusers and candles to disperse scent and bring atmosphere. An electronic diffuser fills the room with fragrances you'll recognise from enjoying a Cowshed treatment, transporting you to a different place and creating that spa feel.

Diffusers have an even scent distribution that lingers for hours; choose something fresh, rooted in nature, for relaxation. This should then be complemented with a candle to not only bring ambience, but also add another layer of fragrance. For example, pair our Refresh essential oil used in a diffuser with a candle from the Balance, Replenish or Relax ranges.

Make hand care a moment

In a busy day, something as simple as taking a few minutes to refresh your hands can be the moment of calm you need. Make this experience as enjoyable as possible with a designated hand care area on or next to the sink.

Exfoliating hand wash deeply purifies and smooths skin for a satisfying cleanse, while coordinating hand cream locks in moisture and scent. A small basket with rolled up hand towels, an emery board, cuticle oil and pleasant-smelling antibacterial spray gives guests a station to freshen up.

Observe your own rituals

Grooming is about more than just hygiene. It's a time for self; to prepare for the day or unwind and reflect. The bathroom can be a great place to do this - it's your own private haven to use daily and get some headspace.

Build on the rituals that help you face the outside world and optimise the space to practise them here. It could be saying a mantra in a mirror, breathing in essential oils, using a jade roller across your face paired with some breathing exercises, or taking a seat to do a scalp massage.

Create a bathing station

We know that not every home has a bath, but for us this is an essential part of a bathroom and it should be celebrated. We use furniture and accessories to highlight this feature and make using it feel more special.

Drinks trolleys are a great way to display bath products such as salts, oils, scrubs, loofahs - oh, and a drink. Place them on the top shelf, so that they're easily accessible when you're in the bath. On the lower shelves, roll and display face, body and hair towels ready for when you get out.

In our Houses, we position an occasional chair next to the bath to elevate the decor, add a sense of comfort, and create a social feeling in the space. Try a tub chair in jewel-toned velvet or a relaxed linen.

Bring the outside in

Cowshed was born in the Somerset countryside with products developed from herbs and plants grown in the Walled Garden at Babington House. A connection to nature helps ground and calm you through scent and beneficial properties. As well as botanical candles, embrace nature with flowers and plants. We prepare pretty, loose arrangements that look like they've come straight from the garden. Display them in something rustic like jugs, glass bottles or even old cans bought at antiques fairs.

Maximise on textiles

Make textiles a big part of your scheme and readily available to guests for a sense of comfort and cosiness. In our Houses, we overstock on towels with options in every size so that members never feel short of what they need. Hang larger towels over a rustic ladder and roll smaller ones to be displayed on a bar cart, vintage side table or in a basket. Install hooks in the bathroom with robes always hung up ready for you and guests to wrap up in. Details like this make all the difference.