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Louise Roe's Christmas Rituals

We asked fashion journalist, presenter and author Louise Roe (@louiseroe) to tell us how she strikes a balance between making the most of the festive season and finding time for herself. Here are her tips for avoiding Christmas overwhelm and some suggestions for perfect presents

How often do we choose the bath over the bar? After a pretty busy year, I'm taking the time this holiday season to indulge. I'm not talking about chocolate (although there will be a lot of that too) but rather focusing on taking time out for myself and feeling confident not to have to say yes to every social engagement that comes my way. With this in mind, I'm going to talk a little bit about why it's ok to choose the bath over the bar this holiday season.

A change in seasons (not to mention a ten hour flight from LA to London) can play havoc with your skin so I'm going to try and adopt a hibernating mentality as the weather gets colder. The holidays should be about rest and relaxation, spending time with your family and preparing for a new year (I can't believe it's nearly 2020). Instead, we often feel obliged to go to every festive party so that come the end of the December, we're exhausted and hungover. I'm making a promise to myself that I will take some time for me this Christmas.

A little bit of self care doesn't need to be expensive or difficult - you don't even need to leave the house. Reading the book you've been meaning to start, cooking something warming, watching festive films or having a bubble bath are all easy self care rituals that you can work into your holiday. Speaking of bubble baths, I'm loving my new haul from Cowshed. All their newest products come in beautiful botanical wrapping (it's so pretty) which got me feeling all excited for present buying and their gift sets make for excellent presents.