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Spa of the month: Cowshed Amsterdam

If you're planning a trip to Amsterdam, make sure you punctuate cycling tours and walks along the Singel canal with a visit to our Cowshed spa.

We spoke to Spa Supervisor Claudia about how our Amsterdam spa sets itself apart:

"I've been with Cowshed Amsterdam from the very beginning. Before that I spent several years working as a beautician. In 2008, I finished my studies and decided I wanted a new challenge. I worked and lived in Curacao, a Caribbean island, for six months to try something new and gain experience. Since then, I've worked for various hotels, salons and spas.

All of our treatments get a lot of love but our most popular is definitely the Deep Tissue massage. Our manicures and pedicures are close runner ups. As for our products, the Deodorant Spray is always a favourite, as well as our Stretch Mark Balm and the Relax Bath and Shower Gel with eucalyptus and lavender".

"I love that our spa is in the heart of Amsterdam, we're really in the centre so the location is great. There's something so comforting about our spa, it has such a homey atmosphere. I think this is partly because the lounge is so open and inviting, you really feel like it's your own space. We're lucky to have lots of windows, the natural light really contributes to the calm atmosphere. We also have a unique collaboration with Mendo bookstore so we keep their books in the spa. It's a really special touch because people can look through and browse the books during their pedicure and buy one on their way out.

I really like the neighbourhood De Pijp. You can find different restaurants such as Vliegertje and other cute spots such as one of my favourite ijscream shops. I really like the restaurant Loetje at Oude Kerk aan de Amstel for dinner. For breakfast and lunch I would recommend the Corner Bakery. As for shopping, there is a great high street just a few blocks from the spa.

I think Cowshed as a whole is special because each spa has a loose and amicable atmosphere which is less stiff than others. People can come for a drink even if they're not here for a treatment; it really does just feel like you're at home. I think it feels this way because we treat our guests in a certain way, it's very personal. We try to make sure every customer leaves with a smile, and we do this with our 'yes, yes, yes' mentality".