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Introducing the Rejuvenate Facial

To complement the three new additions to our Rejuvenate skincare collection, we've created a Rejuvenate facial which just launched in our spas.

The treatment features the Pure Lift Max - an electrical current tool that works to tone and plump the skin to give a more radiant, glowing complexion. We asked Cowshed Educator Jess to explain how it works, what it feels like and the results you can expect.

What is three wave skincare technology?

'The Pure Lift Max is quite different to microcurrent one wave technology - that works superficially on the surface of the skin while this uses patented three wave technology to stimulate muscle tissue on a deeper level. You get an instant, natural result - skin looks and feels more toned, fine lines are plumped up and you get a 'glowy' effect.

We've incorporated the treatment into a new 60 minute facial, but you can also have it as an add on to one of our signature facials. As with all our treatments, your therapist will tailor the facial using a combination of Cowshed and SkinCeuticals products and techniques that are right for your specific skin type and concerns. Skin is cleansed then exfoliated to make sure it's nice and clean. Your therapist will then glide the tool over your face to manipulate the skin, the jawline and the muscles.

The tool is a metal prong with two balls on the end - it's not invasive and it doesn't feel uncomfortable, just a little bit tingly. We use a conductive gel with our Refreshing Toner while the Pure Lift Max is massaging the skin because it needs to be super hydrated. A mask is then applied and followed by a relaxing massage.

In terms of lasting effects, it's a bit like if you go to the gym once - your body looks immediately better, but the results don't last more than a day or two, while if you do it continuously the results begin to stay. So this treatment would be perfect if you wanted an instant glow for a big event like a wedding or a party, and if you continued to have it on a regular basis it would improve your muscle tone and complexion long term.'