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Feel energised with Active

A cocktail of herbal and citrus botanicals come together to form the Cowshed alternative to caffeine: the Active collection...

With lemongrass, ginger and rosemary essential oils to name but a few, Active is loved for its energising qualities. Designed for the days you want an added spring to your step, our shower gel, body lotion and enriching oil empower the mind and stimulate the body.

Light and fresh, lemongrass essential oil is an ingredient that is at once stimulating and harmonising. With a subtle citrus aroma and earthy undertones, it captures attention and revitalises the mind. Believed to promote confidence and affirm self-esteem, it works to coax you into a more receptive state of mind. These qualities make it a firm favourite for aromatherapy massage as it eases the mind and tension in the muscles.

The ginger essential oil brings forth feelings of warmth and strength. Adding hints of spice and woody undertones to the mood, this ingredient has a wealth of qualities: namely it functions as a stimulant and is a natural antiseptic. The aroma itself is believed to hone concentration and evoke feelings of courage. Used in aromatherapy, it is thought to dissolve feelings of lethargy and agitation, leaving you with a more positive outlook.

Lending a more delicate touch, rosemary essential oil completes the Active blend. With a green and herbal natural fragrance, it melds with distinctive lemongrass and ginger to create a well-balanced scent profile. Sharing the same soothing yet stimulating qualities, rosemary is also thought to encourage clarity and relieve feelings of fatigue. These fragrant essential oils come together in a blend that is at once nourishing, uplifting and energising.

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