Make a Booking


Make a booking

You can make a booking for your next Cowshed treatment in a number of ways.


Know what treatment you’re after? We now offer online bookings at selected London spas.

Book your next treatment at Clarendon Cross, West London, Carnaby, Central London or Shoreditch House, East London, using our online booking tool.

Please note, certain treatments may require a consultation or further information that would be difficult to obtain online so it would be simpler to book by phone or in person. Some of our treatments and events such as a Cowshed Party can be tailored to your individual needs so a chat would be fantastic.

Call Us

If you’d like to speak to someone to make a booking or if you have a question regarding availability or treatment type, give us a call.

UK Spas

Clarendon Cross, West London - 020 7078 1944

Carnaby, Foubert’s Place, Central London - 020 7534 0870

Shoreditch House, East London - 020 7749 4531

Babington House, Somerset - 01373 812266

Primrose Hill, North West London020 3725 2777

Selfridges, London020 3728 0000

Cowshed therapies are also available St Moritz Hotel, Cornwall - 01208 869 800


Global Spas

Soho House, New York - +1 (646) 253 6111

Soho House, Berlin - +49 (0) 30 405044130

Soho Beach House, Miami - +1 (786) 507 7904


Call In

Although we can’t guarantee that we will always be able to accommodate walk-in appointments, we may be able to help you out or advise on our next free spot.