• Tried & Tested: SkinCeuticals Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight


    Lucy Quick is a travel writer, mother to Nina and Editor at The Ned, the hotel and members' club in the City of London from Soho House. We asked her to try SkinCeuticals' latest release and share her findings...

    'Is there anyone better to test a new SkinCeuticals product that a Knackered Cow - sorry, I mean, knackered mum? I think not. So, when Phoebe, Cowshed’s editor, asked me to road test SkinCeuticals' new Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight I practically bit her hand off.

    I’m all for natural and organic products, but when it comes to my face, months of broken sleep (thanks to my teething toddler) have left me in need of some definite tightening and brightening, which is exactly what this promises to do. The main ingredients are 10% Glycolic Free Acid and 2% Phytic acid, which are designed to improve texture, radiance and overall glow. Just to flag from the outset – some sensitive types might need time to get used to the (wonderful) glycolic acid, so use this every other night for a week while your skin adjusts, after which you can slap it on daily.

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  • Massage Your Face


    It's easy, it's free and it'll give you a more defined, 'lifted' look - why wouldn't you try facial massage? Build it into your bedtime routine and it'll soon become second nature. Here's a step-by-step guide to a super-easy at-home facial massage routine. Follow the motions in the video and start gently working up to a firm pressure to really see results.

  • Emily Johnston trials our new bespoke facial


    Emily Johnston aka Fashion Foie Gras is one of the original style bloggers and has been sharing her love of fashion, food and travel with her readership since 2009. This all-American girl hails from South Carolina but lives in London and as anyone who follows her blog or Instagram @fashionfoiegras will know, she spends a LOT of time on planes, trains and boats, documenting it all in colourful images with snappy captions that reveal a positivity and passion for life that never fails to inspire her followers. With her non-stop schedule, we thought she'd make the perfect candidate to put our new bespoke facial to the test, so we sent her for a spot of R & R at our Selfridges spa. Here's what she thought...

    'Twenty four hours after touching down in London and 48 hours before stepping onto my fourth long haul flight in three weeks, I caught a glimpse of my reflection as I entered my flat. My skin was tired, lacklustre and looked like it was preparing to go on strike. Planes are not kind to anyone’s skin. When you practically spend your life on one, it’s a completely different story. Frankly speaking, “getting the glow” becomes a battle.

    For years, I’ve heard the name Nichola Joss thrown as around as the woman with the magic touch when it comes to facials in London. Apparently her client list is as long as Portobello Road and the only thing longer is her waiting list. I’ve sat in many a brunch as her name is whispered, shared as an elite secret. And I’ve finally had a chance to see, first hand, why she lives up to her name. Nichola Joss has recently passed down her golden techniques in teaching the facialists at Cowshed spas all of her trademark massage techniques.'


    'With 48 hours in London, I booked into Cowshed Selfridges to try the 60 minute Bespoke Signature Facial. The facial, featuring Joss’s massage techniques, Cowshed products and SkinCeuticals skincare, is tailor made for each client. As every face comes with its own set of dilemmas, this is the ideal situation for anyone looking for a pampering solution to skincare problems. After a thorough cleanse, my skin is examined and the problems read like the usual laundry list from too much time flying high in the sky. My sky is dry, congested and tired. I require extraction (which is surprisingly somehow less painful… thank you talented facialist), massage and a moisturising mask.

    It’s the massage that left me feeling as if I was walking out the door with the skin of a ten year old. The swift movements of the fingers across my cheekbones, jawline and forehead awaken muscles in my face that seem to have long ago given up on youth. As the moisturising mask is applied, I’m offered a foot massage while it works its magic. In less than 60 seconds, I’m in a deep sleep and embarrassingly only awakened by my own snore. I’m not sure who was more surprised – me or the therapist. I blame the Cowshed oils. There is nothing like them in the world. The scent is heaven on earth, for each and every one… but I’m partial to Horny Cow.'


    'While I made a mental note to make this a regular event in my calendar, I also promised myself to book the 90 minute facial for the next course. 60 minutes is fabulous, but this pampering experience is meant to last as long as possible. Could Cowshed perhaps introduce a two hour version? I’d be all too happy to lay there all day and come out looking this fresh all over again!'

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  • A glow-getting skincare edit


    ‘Glow’ is the beauty buzzword of the moment - everyone wants products that get skin glowing with health and vitality and there are countless ways to achieve it through smart skincare, tools and treatments, not forgetting the stuff that goes on top - make-up. It’s best to start with good foundations (before adding a little dazzle dust, because why not?) Hydrated skin that’s not been frazzled by the sun or stripped of moisture through overly aggressive cleansers will give you a glowy, dewy look before you even pick up a highlighter. Here are our favourite glow-getters...

    1. Lavender Gentle Cleanser
    Gentle enough to use even on sensitive eyes, our cleanser will remove makeup and impurities while prepping skin for the rest of your regime. Lavender is the hero thanks to its therapeutic properties (the fragrance aids relaxation), as well as its antiseptic, antibacterial and healing values. Stabilising geranium helps normalise dry and greasy skin while aloe vera supports good skin health and treats inflammation.

    Therapist’s tip: ‘Massage two pumps over dry skin, rinse with warm water and remove excess cleanser with a warm flannel or muslin cloth.’

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  • Nichola Joss on developing our new bespoke treatments and the power of facial massage


    ‘I remembered going to Babington House when it opened and how amazing Cowshed was and the natural, ethical, healing message that the spa, when it was created, gave. The products being natural, British made. I liked the heritage so I said I’d like to meet the guys and chat. They wanted to look at updating things, so I spent a couple of months doing some secret shopping, chatting with the therapists, spending time with Jessica and Amie, trying to establish how we could move forward and if I could help.

    My spa experiences have always been holistic and hands on, very different to any other salon environment. What came up was there was a need for change, to make Cowshed a future destination for spas. As great as it is and how it works, let’s just revamp it a bit. I gave a few proposals for what I thought needed to be done to make it a more bespoke service. It was about making it very personalised, adding signature elements onto everything. Then it was a case of supporting the training of all the therapists, adding a bespoke approach to make the journey of the clients’ facial, skincare, body treatment very specific to them.

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  • Have You Met Miss Jones?


    Introducing our Group Head of Spas, Amie Jones, the original Cowgirl...

    'I joined Cowshed in 2005, about six months after Clarendon Cross opened as our first London spa. I was asked whether I’d be interested in going to work with the team at Clarendon Cross as assistant manager. The Electric had opened on Portobello so there was definitely a lot going on with Soho House. Back then Cowshed was quite unknown. People who went to Babington House or Soho House New York definitely knew of it and it had its following but I still remember getting on the tube with my Cowshed shopping bag and people looking curiously at the name!

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  • Joanna McGarry reviews our Maternity Treatment


    It's fair to say award-winning journalist, consultant and freelance beauty director Joanna McGarry knows beauty inside out. Currently studying for a degree in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, she is expecting her first child, which made her the perfect person to try out our maternity treatment.

    'Filed under ‘things they don’t tell you about pregnancy’ is the surprising truth that for many women, the notion of touch – a caring touch – while growing a baby, sort of disappears. I’d become quite protective of my growing body, and – admittedly – a little unnerved by my rapidly changing shape.

    So, save for the well-meaning hands I find cupped across my belly from time to time, and the warmth of my husband’s arms, I’d made myself an island, moving through the world with an invisible force-field around my body. And for the first trimester, my love for massages was, obsequiously, put on the back burner.

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  • Tie the perfect posy, Bloom & Wild style

    Can't get to our Bloom & Wild flower arranging workshop? Don't worry, we've got some tips for you to tie your own posy at home.


    1. Choose a jam jar or a selection of bottles and grab some floristry scissors (or secateurs) and twine.

    2. Choose between 3-5 stems for your posy and don’t cut the stems down to size yet. Start by taking each stem and stripping the base of its leaves, when leaves get into the flower water they can cause the flowers to spoil sooner, so keep your stems clean. Place each stem in a pile so that you have all of your flowers laid out and ready to style.

    3. Fill up your jar with fresh room temperature water and flower food. Flower food is fantastic as it keeps the water clean.

    4. Now start by creating a tee-pee shape with your foliage, criss-crossing the stems in odd numbers to balance the posy. Then gradually start to add in your flowers in the same way, layering in wilder flowers with bigger blooms.

    Our favourite stems right now:

    • Lilac: beautiful scent and colourways like lilac and white that are effortlessly romantic

    • Viburnum: gorgeous lime colour and floppy stems that have a natural shape

    • Scabiosa: small puffs of joy that are stunning, peering out of a posy in a wild way

  • Bloom & Wild Flower Arranging Workshop


    You are invited to a Bloom & Wild flower arranging workshop hosted by Cowshed. Bloom & Wild florists will teach you how to create your own beautiful posy bouquet using seasonal flowers and Cowshed therapists will be offering scalp or hand massages whilst you enjoy St Germain Cocktails. Tickets are £30 with £10 redeemable against products on the night.

    When: March 27, 6pm - 9pm

    Where: Cowshed Primrose Hill, 115-117 Regent's Park Rd, NW1 8XP London

    Book your tickets here

  • Introducing Cowshed x Bloom & Wild


    This spring we've teamed up with Bloom & Wild to create a three piece bouquet collection inspired by the wild beauty of the English countryside, where Cowshed was born 20 years ago. The three floral designs - the Babington, the Clarendon and the Amie - are available to order from Bloom & Wild's website with a selection of our favourite products to make each one even more special. You can also enter our competition to win a year of flowers from Bloom & Wild and a luxurious Moody massage here.

    We talked to Bloom & Wild co-founder and CEO Aron Gelbard about his favourite flowers and how he came up with the concept of the 'letterbox bouquet'.

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