• Talking skincare, make-up and motherhood with Kavita


    We sat down with stylist, lifestyle influencer and new mum Kavita aka @kavitacola in her London flat to talk about her approach to skincare, how it's changed since she had her daughter Suri and what representing British Indian women in the beauty world means to her. Here's what she told us.


    'I originally wanted to go into art but did my degree in fashion communication and promotion at Central St Martins. I worked in art direction and as a stylist which was amazing, but I wasn’t completely fulfilled. Then the whole digital thing started happening. I wanted to use my own voice, so I thought I’d start a blog. It wasn’t me trying to be original, it was like, hang on, all these people are talking about what they like, I’m going to do that too! It became my outlet and was very much about fashion, but I had part time jobs at Harrods on the beauty counters where I learned a lot and I’ve always been into skincare, so that became incorporated into my blog.

    ‘The blog took off when I got married; I celebrated the cultural element of our big Indian wedding and put all the makeup and beauty on there and some big brands got in touch. I got to do some cool things, representing British Asian women in the beauty sphere. That was exciting because as a London blogger, I have felt like a minority. What’s great about this job is you’re reaching out to an audience who you have things in common with. People want to know what colour foundation you’re using, what to do about pigmentation and under eye circles which you can be prone to if you're of Indian heritage. It’s nice being honest and connecting with people about those topics.’

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  • Your Skincare Questions Answered


    We treat a huge range of different skin types and concerns every day in our spas, so we asked Jess, who trains all our therapists, to share some of the questions they get asked all the time and her expert advice.

    Q. When am I supposed to put SPF on – after moisturiser, before foundation – and what sort?

    A. Apply your SPF after your moisturiser and serums and before your foundation. If you have discolouration you want to use a mineral SPF as it reflects the UV rays and doesn’t absorb into the skin, although it can sometimes leave the skin looking chalky. A physical SPF will break down the UV rays and is absorbed into the skin. We stock both types from SkinCeuticals.

    Q. When and how often should I use my hyaluronic acid serum?

    A. Depends on how dehydrated your skin is (which is usually caused by flying, heating, outdoor weather). I personally prefer to wear it during the day, after putting on my vitamin C serum followed by a moisturiser and an SPF to seal in those products. You can use it every day - during the winter months I like to use it twice a day (morning and evening) but it’s more about how your skin feels instead of a strict routine.

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  • The Lowdown on our Anti-Pollution Facial Mist


    With the arrival of our new and improved skincare collection, we’re giving you a run through of our newest skincare hero. Our Anti-Pollution Facial Mist is an efficient, low-maintenance way to bolster the skin’s defences against pollution.

    The effect of pollution on the skin is characterised by clogged pores, dullness, breakouts and premature ageing, with an underlying concern of damage to skin cells, negatively and permanently affecting the complexion. With a rise in emissions and a whole world of environmental nasties (read: smog, free radicals and UV light), there’s never been more reason to put time into protecting your skin. Our spray features natural ingredients and cutting edge compounds to do just that.

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  • Pollution Protection


    Undeniably, inner city living has its perks. There’s always something new to see, somewhere new to go and a flurry of events to capture your attention. It's not without downfalls though. Top of the list is the pollution. It clogs the pores, dulls the skins and weighs down the hair. These short-term effects seem small compared to the damage that causes premature signs of ageing - cue dramatic music. And for more bad news, while pollution is worse in cities, it's pretty bad everywhere. Read on to understand the effect pollution has and how to protect your skin.

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  • Introducing our New Hair & Scalp Treatment


    Whenever we develop a new product, we have one thing in mind: to solve a specific issue as effectively as possible, without ever compromising on our commitment to using natural, sustainable ingredients. With our new Hair & Scalp Treatment, the inspiration came from our Head of Product Development Oliya's own experiences - and frustrations - with using conventional hair masks.

    ‘I want to give my coloured hair the best treatment I can but it’s time consuming. Hair masks have to be applied to wet hair – you get in the shower, wet your hair, put on the mask, get out, walk around your house for 20 minutes with wet hair dripping down your neck, then get back in the shower to wash it out! It’s messy and inconvenient – who has time for that? Masks weigh your hair down, you have to scoop them out of a tub, you get shower water in there, it’s unhygienic, you have it all over your hands, it’s really hard to spread on your hair... You know what I’m talking about – you think you’re going to use it once a week, then it ends up gathering dust. Also, masks don’t address the health of your scalp – and that’s where healthy hair growth comes from.

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  • Feel Energised with Active

    active_body_lotion (1)

    A cocktail of herbal and citrus botanicals come together to form the Cowshed alternative to caffeine: the Active collection. With lemongrass, ginger and rosemary essential oils to name but a few, Active is loved for its energising qualities. Designed for the days you want an added spring to your step, our shower gel, body lotion and enriching oil empower the mind and stimulate the body.

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  • Pop Up Wellbeing Event


    As we approach the year anniversary of the start of our collaboration with Jennifer Young, we wanted to shine a light on all it has brought to our spas ahead of Jennifer's upcoming wellbeing event in collaboration with Cancer Research UK.

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  • Talking Travel with The London Chatter


    Kelly Eastwood aka The London Chatter is a pro at packing light without compromising on style or her skincare routine. We visited her in her West London flat - a treasure trove of eclectic souvenirs from her travels, gorgeous clothes (of course) and a LOT of baskets - where she talked us through the contents of her carry on, shared her top travelling tips and told us why conscious consumerism is where it's at.

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  • 'Cupcycling' - a Sustainability Story


    Sustainability has been a core part of Cowshed's philosophy since our early days and we are always looking for new ways to reduce the environmental impact of our products and packaging. As part of our refresh, we are now using G . F Smith for the paper boxes that hold our skincare. These are made at a paper mill in the Lake District from recycled coffee cups which would otherwise have gone into landfill.

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  • Scrub Up for Summer Skin


    Cowshed trainer Jess Sproson told us how getting into the exfoliating habit with our new Dual Action Body Scrub means the moment the sun shows its face, she can make the most of her summer wardrobe. She shared her expert tips for perfectly polished skin, whether you’re a fake tan fan or not.

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