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As we get older, the condition of our skin changes. Mature skin can feel thinner, less dense as collagen production slows down. Fine lines and pigmentation can be caused by a combination of atmospheric pollution, domestic pollution (the chemicals in personal care and household cleaning products) and the skin's cells not renewing as quickly as they once did. It needs different things to function properly and look and feel its best - not 'younger' - just healthy and happy.

We sat down with Oliya - Cowshed's Head of Product Development - to learn about two additions to our skincare range: Rejuvenate Day Cream and Rejuvenate Night Cream. From Copper to Malachite, mushrooms and moss, here's the lowdown on the science behind these super-powered ingredients and how they work with the skin to make a real difference.

Rejuvenate Day Cream

'As we age, our cells get lazier! In other words, they don’t 'renew' - produce collagen and elastin - as rapidly. That’s why those pillow creases take so long to go when you’re older! They also experience more oxidative stress, increasing the amount of energy needed for internal defences. A well-working energy metabolism is essential for skin cells’ vitality. So we put a unique cellular energy complex made up of a Copper complex, Amino acid derivative and Edelweiss plant stem cells into a beautifully light day cream. It's formulated to help reduce the effects of oxidative stress and ageing and bring immediate hydration and plumpness to the skin.'


What's in it?

'Known as the "needle-free" filler, Copper Complex acts as a new bio-energy source to increase collagen synthesis which improves skin density and firmness. It also encourages elastin production - we found this meant a visible reduction of wrinkles’ depth and volume in 15 days.

Tegocosmo is a natural amino acid derivative that has been shown to play an important role in revitalising the cell energy metabolism, supporting skin protection and moisturisation. It can help empower your cells to produce more energy so they can rejuvenate faster. The Copper Complex and Amino acid derivative don’t do the job FOR your skin, they just help it do its job better.

Anti-oxidant polysaccharide builds an immediate and physical barrier against atmospheric and domestic pollution. The protection is designed to prevent the appearance or aggravation of premature ageing and cutaneous disorders tied to pollution. Without it, there’s no healthy skin.

Edelweiss plant stem cell helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, prevents collagen loss and has a firming and restructuring effect. Vitamin B3 helps with enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, dullness and a weakened surface. Shiitake mushroom has a dense presence of kojic acid, which helps to brighten skin by improving age spots and scars. Finally, Hyaluronic Acid aka the 'moisture molecule' plumps, soothes and hydrates skin – you’ll feel like it's been bathed in water.'

Rejuvenate Night Cream

'This rich (but not oily!) night treatment contains microencapsulated, slow-release Retinol and Malachite to help reduce the effects of daily stress on the skin and boost elasticity while you sleep. The cream is blended with Moss Culture and supported by Kukui Nut Oil, Zinc salt and an amino acid blend to recharge and hydrate skin overnight, giving visible results when you wake up in the morning.


What's in it?

Retinol (or Vitamin A) has an important role in the fight against free radicals and it is essential in many biochemical reactions carried out in the cell: that makes it a star ingredient in anti-ageing and protective products. CC Retinol is a Cyclosystem Complex® in which the active principle, Retinol, is micro-encapsulated in cyclodextrins, protecting it to provide potentiation of its efficiency and controlling its release, prolonging its action time.

Iron-rich Malachite is a protective mineral complex. This active stimulates collagen synthesis and increases the thickness of the epidermis with a retinol-like action. Moss Culture helps reinforce the skin’s moisture barrier, while Zinc PCA improves the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) of the skin. Globe Daisy is a plant extract that helps to reduce the level of pro-ageing agents and local micro-inflammation in your skin. It also reduces skin redness and enhances your natural glow.

Nourishing Kukui Nut Oil has been used by Hawaiians for centuries to keep skin soft, smooth and radiant. It contains very high levels of Linoleic and Alpha-Linolenic Acids, Omega-3 and Omega-6 - this unique blend of essential fatty acids seals in elevated levels of moisture without leaving a greasy film.

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