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  • Five reasons our new bar soaps are the best


    We've just added bar soaps to each of our signature moods, so whether you're a fan of our comforting Cosy blend or favour the bracing Awake, you can now add a matching soap to your routine. Here are a few reasons why our soaps are good for you (and the planet).


    Let's start with a little myth-busting: in the past bar soaps have been seen as drying and irritating, leaving skin with a 'tight' feeling. That may have been the case with some, but because ours are made from pure vegetable oils to which we add generous amounts of vegetable-derived glycerine, they won't dry the skin out. And all the essential oils that make them smell delicious (the very same ones used in our shower gels and body lotions) will nourish your skin too.  To make sure the texture of the bar feels silky, our soaps are triple milled to ensure the mix is perfectly smooth and lathers up beautifully.


    A good gift

    One little bar can be used to wash your hands and as an alternative to shower gel, all while making a chic addition to your bathroom. You could even store them in a drawer and use them instead of scented drawer liners. For these reasons they make excellent gifts - think secret Santas, stocking fillers or a thank you present to a host for dinner.


    The best travelling companion

    Bar soaps are easy to travel with - you don't have to worry about them leaking all over your clothes, plus they're solid so you don't have to decant them into little 100ml bottles and put them in a liquids bag. Excellent!


    Our soaps are made in England which means they have a lower carbon footprint and simply because they are a solid rather than a liquid product, significantly less water is involved in their production.


    And finally...

    they're vegan!

  • Mother's Day: The Edit


    Stuck for inspiration? Here are our suggestions for gifts that are guaranteed to please any mum on Mother's Day...


    Create atmosphere with the fragrance and flickering glow of one of our room candles - used in every Soho House and Cowshed spa around the world. Whether you opt for the uplifting blend of lemongrass, ginger and rosemary in our Active candle or the warming nostalgia that comes from Cosy's combination of Rose Absolute, Patchouli and Vanilla, a candle is always a failsafe gift.

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    Our Ultimate Hamper gives you instant access to all things Cowshed. With nine of our most loved face and body products, skin will be happy and healthier than ever. From our tried and tested skincare routine to our indulgent bath and body selection, every product is made in Somerset with natural ingredients. It's presented in a rustic wooden case that can be used to store keepsakes and treasures.

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    Whether you're booking yourself in for a restorative massage or treating your mum to a manicure, our spas are the perfect place to relax and unwind. Inspired by the very first Cowshed spa at Babington House deep in the heart of the Somerset countryside, we aim to create a sanctuary where natural ingredients are harnessed in uplifting therapies and treatments.



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  • Introducing the Rejuvenate Facial


    To complement the three new additions to our Rejuvenate skincare collection, we've created a Rejuvenate facial which just launched in our spas. The treatment features the Pure Lift Max - an electrical current tool that works to tone and plump the skin to give a more radiant, glowing complexion. We asked Cowshed Educator Jess to explain how it works, what it feels like and the results you can expect.

    ‘The Pure Lift Max is quite different to microcurrent one wave technology - that works superficially on the surface of the skin while this uses patented three wave technology to stimulate muscle tissue on a deeper level. You get an instant, natural result – skin looks and feels more toned, fine lines are plumped up and you get a ‘glowy’ effect.

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  • Get to know our new rejuvenating Day and Night Creams


    As we get older, the condition of our skin changes. Mature skin can feel thinner, less dense as collagen production slows down. Fine lines and pigmentation can be caused by a combination of atmospheric pollution, domestic pollution (the chemicals in personal care and household cleaning products) and the skin's cells not renewing as quickly as they once did. It needs different things to function properly and look and feel its best - not 'younger' - just healthy and happy.

    We sat down with Oliya - Cowshed's Head of Product Development - to learn about two additions to our skincare range: Rejuvenate Day Cream and Rejuvenate Night Cream. From Copper to Malachite, mushrooms and moss, here's the lowdown on the science behind these super-powered ingredients and how they work with the skin to make a real difference.

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