Tom the Barber's Top Tips

Head Barber at Ned’s Barbershop in Ned’s Club Spa Tom Harrigan was part of the team that developed Neville - our grooming range - and was also involved in its recent reboot. He told us why the three hair styling products in the range are best in class when it comes to natural grooming. 'We wanted three distinct products that offer very different things. The ingredients we've chosen - like Maca Root and beeswax - work as a a bit of a treatment for the hair, strengthening and styling at the same time, killing two birds with one stone. It’s not just about styling, it’s about closing down the hair cuticles, promoting shine.'


'Sea Salt Spray is our bestseller by far, you can travel with it because it’s a small bottle and a little goes a long way. It gives a good natural hold and a matte finish, like when you’re on holiday and go swimming in the ocean - it gives that 'grit' in the hair. It's versatile because you can blow dry your hair with a small amount to define it and get a bit of lift. In the barber's our clientele are in and out of the gym a lot, they don't have much time - with this they only need to towel dry their hair, put about five sprays in and it’s good to go.'

'Our putty is more of a soft, natural creme that gives a slight shine to hair. It gives a medium hold and will help define your style. The pomade gives a much firmer hold and offers more of a traditional 'wet' look. The beauty of this one is it just washes straight out, it’s not going to mark your pillows - it gives you that retro slick look without having to endure the pain of a really oily product! If you add the pomade to wet curly hair it’s also a great curl-defining cream.'

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