What to do with your tree after Christmas


250 tonnes of Christmas trees are thrown away each year in the UK, so we asked our friends at the Woodland Trust for some tips on how to dispose of your tree sustainably.

Felled trees can be recycled into compost or chipping for local parks or woodland areas. Many local councils run tree recycled schemes or a tree collection service. If not, take it to the garden waste section of your nearest disposal centre.

If you bought a potted tree, well done you. Position in a cool but light spot while it’s indoors (not next to a radiator or heater) and water regularly depending on the feel of the soil.

Firs don’t respond well to being planted then dug up and re-potted so after Christmas leave it in its container and top up with peat-free compost. Stick it in a cool, sheltered spot where it will avoid direct sunlight.

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