Simple Tips for a more Conscious Christmas


The week before Christmas can feel like a frenzy of last minute shopping, lists to tick and people to see. So, we thought we'd share three simple tips for a more conscious Christmas...

1. Don't panic buy

It can be easy to feel the pressure when it comes to buying Christmas gifts. If you can't think what to buy, why not opt for an experience, workshop or spa treatment you can enjoy with family or friends.

2. Reduce your wrapping

Sellotape, ribbons and paper covered in glitter can't be recycled. Why not ditch paper altogether and wrap presents in fabric? On the day, save any ribbons and paper that can be used again next year. Don't be afraid to ask for things back if you think they might end up in the bin.

3. Save on food waste

A huge amoung of food goes to waste over Christmas but if you end up with leftovers, don't just throw them away - left over roast dinners make excellent curries, soups or bubble and squeak.

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