Giving back with the Woodland Trust


Since opening our first spa at Babington House in Somerset in 1998, our guiding principle has been to take as much care of the earth as we do of people. We've always used wildcrafted ingredients and our recent refresh saw the introduction of packaging made from recycled coffee cups and carbon-neutral bioplastic. But we know we can do more.

From the heart and soil of Somerset, our values have always been rooted in honest, natural therapies and ingredients.  This Christmas, we are looking to give back to our British woodlands by partnering with the Woodland Trust. Trees clean the air and lock up carbon emissions, support biodiversity by providing habitats for wildlife and they’re good for our wellbeing too. Partnering with the Woodland Trust aligns with our history, values and commitment to sustainability.

'Buy Me and Plant a Tree'

For every signature hand care caddy sold in spas and on our website over Christmas, we will plant a tree with the Woodland Trust. You can also make a donation and plant a tree at the till points in our spas. Karl Mitchell, director of fundraising at the Woodland Trust, said:

'The Woodland Trust is delighted to be working with Cowshed this Christmas. It’s a fitting partnership as the company was created with the mission of injecting calm into busy lives, and that’s exactly what our woods do. They give people a place to take time out, relax, breathe deeply and destress; a massage for the soul.  

 This donation will help the Trust to plant more trees and create more woods across the country; combating climate change, protecting our soils and water, providing homes for wildlife and places for people to enjoy. It will also help us to protect what already exists, ensuring a walk in the woods will not be a thing of the past.'


About the Woodland Trust

Founded in 1972, the Woodland Trust plants trees and protects woods across the UK, helping to combat climate change and creating havens for wildlife. Since they started over 40 years ago, they have planted more than 43 million trees, saved thousands of woods and brought thousands of hectares of damaged ancient woodland back to life.

5 Reasons Trees Are Great

1. Trees take in harmful pollutants and carbon dioxide and release clean oxygen for us to breathe. Over 40 years a single tree can remove 1 tonne of carbon from our air.
2. Trees filter water, prevent floods and maintain the earth's water cycles.
3. Forests provide habitat for animals, birds, insects, fungi, moss and plants.
4. Trees provide jobs and food security to many communities.
5. Trees and nature can help reduce stress, aid in recovery and promote overall wellness.


The Woodland Trust believes that having access to and being around nature can improve physical and mental health. Daily contact with nature is linked to reduced levels of chronic stress, anxiety and fatigue. It can improve self-esteem and boost your mood. As part of the Big Climate Fightback, the Woodland Trust is aiming to get one million people to pledge to plant a tree. Follow their campaign at #EveryTreeCounts, spread the word and give a gift that will do good this Christmas by choosing our caddy and planting a tree.


For every signature handcare caddy sold in spas and on our website over Christmas £1.25 will be donated to the Woodland Trust (registered charity number 294344, Scotland No. SC038885). Every £1.25 given to the Woodland Trust will be used to plant a tree. 100% of donations to be given to the Woodland Trust, the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity. This donation will help the Trust to plant and protect trees and woods across the country, combating climate change, providing homes for wildlife and places for people to visit and enjoy.

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