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This week we’re looking into all things Replenish with an ingredient study of Cowshed’s resident zesty mood. Replenish is all about uplifting the spirits and coaxing you into a happier headspace. As one of our most loved moods, Replenish has earned itself a place in bathrooms around the world. But what is it about the mood that makes it so darn more-ish? Here’s a lowdown on all the goodness that goes into Replenish.

Red mandarin essential oil is one of the sweetest of the citrus family. With a warm, zesty aroma that is known to banish bad moods and uplift your temperament it is a perfect fit for Replenish. The essential oil is derived from the rind of the fruit through cold pressed expression, extracting the rich nutrients of the peel into a concentrated oil. When topically applied this oil works to tone and cleanse the skin, while the fresh-scented oil is also used in aromatherapy to soothe restlessness and bring about a calmer state of mind.

Grapefruit essential oil is part of Replenish, and many of our other moods, as it has a truly refreshing profile that works well with many other scents.  As another member of the citrus family, it gives an added boost of zest to the mood: renewing the mind with its tangy fragrance. Perfect for rejuvenating your mood, it helps to relieve tension and raise low temperaments. It works especially well in our Replenish Bath and Body Oil: massage gently into skin, paying close attention to aching muscles and soreness to ease fatigue and stiffness.

The final core pillar of citrusy goodness is bitter orange essential oil. Think Mediterranean coastlines and crisp, freshly squeezed juice. Toeing the line between sharp zest and soft florals, this scent has you leaning in. Known to mellow the mood, it has soothing and uplifting qualities to boot. Add a dash of our bath and shower gel into your bathing routine then sit back and savour the gentle nourishing lather, taking note of the different citrus notes as you let your mind wander.

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