Louise Roe answers your winter skincare questions


Fashion journalist, presenter and author Louise Roe (@louiseroe) has a transatlantic life, living and working in LA and London. She took over Cowshed's Instagram to host a Q&A on winter skin and shared tips on how she keeps her skin looking and feeling its best during the winter months, whether she’s on the red carpet, taking a night flight or hanging out with her family at home. In case you missed it, here's a round up.

Q. What’s the difference between cream, oil and gel-based cleansers and what one should I use?
A. Cream (or ‘milk’ cleansers are really gentle and advised for dry, sensitive skin. They don’t get foamy. Gel, as the name suggests, is of a thicker consistency and better for normal/combination skin. Oil based are not everyone’s cup of tea because they can take longer to remove, but they really work: they get into every crevice and leave skin feeling really hydrated.

Q. My skin is really changing, would this be down to the weather? What can I use?
A. Yes absolutely! The weather plays havoc and so does central heating. I tend to use extra serum underneath my moisturiser and I use Cowshed's replenishing night cream in the day as well as in the evening. For dry patches I’ll put Kahai Wonder Balm on before bed.

Q. Top 3 skin saviours?
A. SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 masks, especially after flights. There’s always a lip balm in my bag and I love using a face oil, made from natural ingredients.


Q. How often should I get a facial?
A. Ideally, every couple of months. But that can get expensive! I find exfoliating every 3 days with Cowshed’s Exfoliating Daily Treatment Tonic and using a mask – sometimes a sheet mask, or a mud mask – every week is like giving my skin a consistent mini facial at home.

Q. What’s your favourite night cream?
A. I love Cowshed night cream and Votary Face Oil. I tend to alternate both.

Q. What’s your before bed skincare routine?
A. Wash with my cleanser (I skip a cleanser in the morning, just water), serum, night oil which I try to massage in, and eye cream. I sleep wearing and eye mask, but try to make it a silk one because cotton absorbs most of your lovely face cream otherwise!

Q. Do you use a jade roller?
A. I use a rose quartz roller which is very similar. Tip: keep yours in the fridge, it feels amazing!


Q. Are there any supplements I can take to boost dull skin during a London winter?
A. I tend to up my Vitamin C (not just for skin, but to stave off colds), D (because I’m not seeing the sun!) and E (because I heard it actually helps keep skin hydrated).

Q. What’s a natural product for hyperpigmentation?
A. Look for products containing Liquorice root extract and/or fruit enzymes, as the latter are great ways to exfoliate, without the chemicals.

Q. Do I need to use retinol in my 20s?
A. That’s a great question. Recently a lot of skin experts have said yes, since the scary fact emerged that your skin is already aging in your 20s (eek!) However, personally, I think you should ask a dermatologist first. Everyone’s skin is SO different, treatment and products are not one-size-fits-all.

Q. What products are best to use at night time on oily skin?
A. Ironically, oil! People are often scared to use oil on oily skin, but actually, skin is clever, it only absorbs what it needs and using a good face oil can end up balancing out your skin’s oiliness.


Q. Any tricks to reduce puffiness?
A. Less salt (and wine!) the night before, drinking lots and lots of water and washing your face with freezing cold water helps a lot too.

Q. What oils can we use to keep our hair smooth and hydrated? And how to apply them?
A. I love Cowshed’s Hair & Scalp Treatment, which I rub in my hands and gently pat over blow-dried hair to smooth it. I also really like Moroccan Oil dry oil, a few drops in wet hair makes a big difference to the texture and doesn’t make my hair feel greasy.

Q. I have mature skin and think that I should be using a really rich face cream, however, my skin doesn’t react well to anything heavy. Can a light face cream still combat ageing?
A. Absolutely. In fact, massaging your face and neck gently in circular motions does a lot for circulation, elasticity and to help a product sink in I would add a serum to your routine, underneath your moisturiser.

Q. I always get such dry skin about this time of year. No matter what I do my skin gets flaky and makeup gets stuck in it. Can you share any tips and product recommendations?
A. Me too! Exfoliating regularly and really hydrating at night with an extra thick night cream helps keep my skin hydrated.

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