Monthly Archives: October 2019

  • Meet the Makers of our Christmas Windows


    If you pass a Cowshed spa you'll see our Christmas windows have been revealed. This year they are a celebration of the fruits and flowers to be found in a traditional British hedgerow - a nod to our roots in the Somerset countryside and a reflection of this year's gift collection, designed by botanical illustrator Katie Scott. We spoke to the duo behind the windows, Anna and Grace of @anna.gracestudio to find out how they drew inspiration from our botanical ingredients and why it was important to them to make a sustainable display.


    'Cowshed came to us with this idea of a hedgerow type bloom in the windows. After seeing the new illustrative packaging that Cowshed is using, that was our main point for getting our inspiration. Abstracting those feature patterns on the packaging, the hellebores were the main thing that really captured us. We do quite a lot of paper flower displays, so paper was a natural material for us to go with.'

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  • Recharge with Replenish


    This week we’re looking into all things Replenish with an ingredient study of Cowshed’s resident zesty mood. Replenish is all about uplifting the spirits and coaxing you into a happier headspace. As one of our most loved moods, Replenish has earned itself a place in bathrooms around the world. But what is it about the mood that makes it so darn more-ish? Here’s a lowdown on all the goodness that goes into Replenish.

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  • Louise Roe answers your winter skincare questions


    Fashion journalist, presenter and author Louise Roe (@louiseroe) has a transatlantic life, living and working in LA and London. She took over Cowshed's Instagram to host a Q&A on winter skin and shared tips on how she keeps her skin looking and feeling its best during the winter months, whether she’s on the red carpet, taking a night flight or hanging out with her family at home. In case you missed it, here's a round up.

    Q. What’s the difference between cream, oil and gel-based cleansers and what one should I use?
    A. Cream (or ‘milk’ cleansers are really gentle and advised for dry, sensitive skin. They don’t get foamy. Gel, as the name suggests, is of a thicker consistency and better for normal/combination skin. Oil based are not everyone’s cup of tea because they can take longer to remove, but they really work: they get into every crevice and leave skin feeling really hydrated.

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  • Our 2019 Advent Calendars are here


    You know Christmas is just around the corner when our limited edition Advent Calendar arrives on the scene. For Christmas 2019 we actually have not one, but two calendars - one is the traditional 24-day affair, while the other is a 12-day version.

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