Your Skincare Questions Answered


We treat a huge range of different skin types and concerns every day in our spas, so we asked Jess, who trains all our therapists, to share some of the questions they get asked all the time and her expert advice.

Q. When am I supposed to put SPF on – after moisturiser, before foundation – and what sort?

A. Apply your SPF after your moisturiser and serums and before your foundation. If you have discolouration you want to use a mineral SPF as it reflects the UV rays and doesn’t absorb into the skin, although it can sometimes leave the skin looking chalky. A physical SPF will break down the UV rays and is absorbed into the skin. We stock both types from SkinCeuticals.

Q. When and how often should I use my hyaluronic acid serum?

A. Depends on how dehydrated your skin is (which is usually caused by flying, heating, outdoor weather). I personally prefer to wear it during the day, after putting on my vitamin C serum followed by a moisturiser and an SPF to seal in those products. You can use it every day - during the winter months I like to use it twice a day (morning and evening) but it’s more about how your skin feels instead of a strict routine.


Q. How can I make my neck area more youthful and toned?

A. Two things you can do: Always remember to take the product you’re using on your face down to your neck and chest as well. Massaging in the products will also help to relieve tension and improve blood flow which encourages better muscle tone and stimulation of collagen production. Try our new Exfoliating Daily Treatment Tonic, which contains AHAs (they will resurface the skin and improve cell turnover) and SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Interruptor which is a specially formulated cream that contains proxylane and blueberry extract which will help improve firmness and quality of the skin.

Q. What do you recommend for pore control?

A. The Blemish and Age gel wash is an amazing pore-cleaning facial cleanser. You can use this every day AM and PM depending on skin type. In the evening, follow this up with our Exfoliating Daily Treatment Tonic, which will help to tighten pores. Only use this every other day until your skin has got used to using AHAs. If you’re using these products make sure you’re using an SPF every day.


Q. What is multi-masking?

A. Multi-masking is where you use two or more masks on your face at one time. For example a clarifying clay mask down your T-zone and a hydrating mask on your forehead and cheeks. Great if you’ve got combination skin or different skin conditions in different areas of the face, which most of us do!

Q. If I want to keep my skincare routine simple, what 3 products would you recommend?

A. 3 key products I couldn’t live without are cleanser, vitamin C and SPF – I always prioritise on protecting the skin. Cleanser – I always double cleanse (once to remove make-up and then again to actually cleanse the skin). Vitamin C – to protect against smoke and air pollution during the day. I use the SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF gel which is a great serum. SPF – either mineral or physical depending on skin type.


Q. What are your key recommendations for anti-ageing?

A. First of all, having healthy skin makes you look young – and lines don’t make you look old! It’s important to have a good skincare routine, protect your skin and deal with any skin conditions when they appear. The best way to do this is having regular facials, lots of sleep and lots of good fats in your diet (a fat-free diet has a big effect on the skin.) At our Cowshed spas our 90 minute bespoke facial is a great one to begin with – the therapist will assess your skin and put a plan together for you. If you’re time-poor, our 30 minute LED facials are fantastic for boosting radiance, production of collagen and brightening the skin tone.

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