The Lowdown on our Anti-Pollution Facial Mist


With the arrival of our new and improved skincare collection, we’re giving you a run through of our newest skincare hero. Our Anti-Pollution Facial Mist is an efficient, low-maintenance way to bolster the skin’s defences against pollution.

The effect of pollution on the skin is characterised by clogged pores, dullness, breakouts and premature ageing, with an underlying concern of damage to skin cells, negatively and permanently affecting the complexion. With a rise in emissions and a whole world of environmental nasties (read: smog, free radicals and UV light), there’s never been more reason to put time into protecting your skin. Our spray features natural ingredients and cutting edge compounds to do just that.

Sitting in a base of soothing Aloe Vera and Neroli flower water, the mist stimulates cell rejuvenation while regulating excess oil production, making it appropriate for oily, dry and combination skin types. It's infused with Fragonia oil, a delicate essential oil cultivated from the Australian Agonis Fragrans tree. With natural anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial qualities, Fragonia soothes and protects the skin. The blend of peppermint, lavender and rose geranium essential oils has a subtle, uplifting scent which improves your mood while the oils enrich and hydrate the skin.

At the heart of all this goodness is a biomimetic active peptide. Peptides are chains of amino acids present in our skin cells, which stimulate the production of the ever-coveted, firming proteins: collagen, elastin and keratin. A biomimetic peptide has by developed in a lab to mimic the peptides that already exist in our skin cells. By replicating the form and structure of these natural compounds, these synthetic counterparts are more effectively absorbed and processed by our skin cells. As the natural peptides in our cells gradually decline and weaken with age and damage, these biomimetic alternatives can offer a way to protect and maintain the skin’s suppleness.

Among a wealth of other skin-perfecting qualities, the antioxidant peptide in our spray defends against UV exposure, IR damage and free radicals, all while encouraging the production and protection of collagen. Spritz liberally over the face and neck to smooth, hydrate and plump the complexion. For our complete pollution-busting skincare routine, see here.

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