Introducing our New Hair & Scalp Treatment


Whenever we develop a new product, we have one thing in mind: to solve a specific issue as effectively as possible, without ever compromising on our commitment to using natural, sustainable ingredients. With our new Hair & Scalp Treatment, the inspiration came from our Head of Product Development Oliya's own experiences - and frustrations - with using conventional hair masks.

‘I want to give my coloured hair the best treatment I can but it’s time consuming. Hair masks have to be applied to wet hair – you get in the shower, wet your hair, put on the mask, get out, walk around your house for 20 minutes with wet hair dripping down your neck, then get back in the shower to wash it out! It’s messy and inconvenient – who has time for that? Masks weigh your hair down, you have to scoop them out of a tub, you get shower water in there, it’s unhygienic, you have it all over your hands, it’s really hard to spread on your hair... You know what I’m talking about – you think you’re going to use it once a week, then it ends up gathering dust. Also, masks don’t address the health of your scalp – and that’s where healthy hair growth comes from.

The idea with our Hair & Scalp Treatment was to make taking care of your hair really easy. We want our products to slip effortlessly into your life, so you can take care of yourself without any extra inconvenienceFor years I’ve been mixing my own dry oils, now I can use this. It’s a blend of nourishing oils that will feed your hair and scalp. It’s in a spray applicator so you can get really good access to your scalp and massage it in – it’s so hard to do that with a mask. With conventional hair masks you have to use them on wet hair – with this, you don’t.'


'The treatment contains a powerful blend of plant extracts and oils to nourish dry, damaged hair and promote a healthy scalp. There's cold-pressed Kahai Nut Oil which is really rich in vitamins E, F and retinol and will hydrate, soften and repair hair. Radish Seed is known for its moisturising (but non-greasy) properties and Rosemary Leaf strengthens circulation which in turn promotes scalp health and hair growth. Coconut and Sunflower Oil help prevent breakage and split ends and it was really important to me to have a fragrance that would make your hair smell amazing, so we chose Neroli Oil because it's nourishing and its refreshing floral scent will lift your mood, plus Ylang Ylang and Bergamot.

If you’re washing your hair in the morning, spray it on your hair before you go to bed (the soothing fragrance which will calm your senses and help your sleep too – we’re aiming for a holistic approach to beauty with every product we develop), put it up on a little bun and leave it overnight. Then get up and wash your hair as usual with shampoo and conditioner. I would recommend using it once a week if your hair’s thinner or not as damaged, if it needs a little more attention use it every time you wash your hair and then once it’s restored you can reduce the amount you use it.’


'Another way to use it is if you’re going on holiday, you’re going to be covered in sun lotion or oil so you’re going to be greasy anyway! Spray this in your hair during the day – either mist it over your hair if you’re wearing it down or put in more if you’re wearing it up, then wash it out before you go out in the evening. I used it when we were developing this product last year in Mykonos and it felt like I had beautiful silky mermaid hair. You know on holidays when you have a frizzy hair situation, you can’t style it because you don’t have all your tools, this will make your hair so pretty – you can use it as a serum to tame frizz too.'


'You can also use it as a conditioner in the shower – shampoo then spray it on, leave for a minute and wash off. And of course you can use it like a traditional hair mask on wet hair. The longer you leave it, the more intense the effect – so I’d say the best way to use it is overnight. We put it in an aluminium bottle and the box is made from recycled coffee cups – so it’s sustainable too!’

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