Never Mind the Bullocks, Meet Awake - Our New Mood


Our refresh has seen a few changes which have inspired some questions. Many involved the mood that no one seemed to recognise: Awake while others were asking 'where has the men’s mood gone?' Bullocks was our men’s grooming range, but we realised that its uplifting and invigorating qualities were universally relevant so we reimagined it as Awake, our newest mood.

The ingredients in any Cowshed product are carefully tailored to create a way of feeling that compliments your mood. With the Awake collection, the focus was on creating a gently stimulating blend of essential oils and botanical extracts to revitalise the body and mind. Sweet orange essential oil was integral to the formulation. The citrus botanical has an uplifting scent that inspires positivity and a sense of wellbeing. It is also known to have topical benefits: limonene in the oil is an antioxidant that protects the skin from damaging free radicals, while the oil itself is believed to help increase blood flow when massaged into skin.

The essential oil of geranium bourbon gives our Awake bath & shower gel and body lotion an uplifting fragrance that helps to hone concentration and tune out the stresses of the day. Paired with ylang ylang to create a richer scent profile, our body care collection creates a soothing yet stimulating mood. The bath & body oil is a heady blend of camphor, eucalyptus, clove and sweet orange. The woody undertones of camphor complement the warmth of clove to create a comforting pick-me-up. It can be used while bathing to lend a softness to your skin or massaged into the skin after washing to nourish and help retain moisture.

Another key ingredient of the Awake collection is hemp seed oil. Featured in all of the body products, hemp seed oil is deeply nourishing and gentle. Derived from the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant, it’s rich in nutrients and fatty acids. These fatty acids and the antioxidant vitamins C and E are known to protect the skin from inflammation and environmental damage. At its simplest, hemp seed oil is an intensely hydrating ingredient that staves off dryness and tones the skin.

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