Introducing Wellness Lattes


To coincide with the arrival of our new CBD treatments, we created two new drinks to make your spa experience even better. Our new Lavender and Shroom Lattes are our way of re-imagining a classic. With a strong focus on wellness, both are specially crafted to enhance the effects of our treatments and support a healthy lifestyle.

The Lavender Latte has impressive anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory and anti-glycation properties. You may not have come across that last one before but it's really quite important. Bear with us while we deep dive into the science of it all. The process of glycation is when the body attaches glucose, from ingested carbohydrates and sugars, to proteins - collagen, for example. This creates what is known as advanced glycation end products, which essentially degrade collagen molecules, causing them to weaken and lose their elasticity - which is bad news for skin. Beyond our vanity, glycation affects many parts of the body, from our joints to our eyesight, and even our teeth. So you can see why we love the anti-glycation properties of this latte.


The hero ingredient is Butterfly Pea Flower. Originating from Thailand, it has traditionally been used in food and medicines. The flower is crushed into a powder and this becomes the base of our latte. It is mixed with oat milk, lavender-infused water, ginger and coconut blossom sugar to create a drink that tastes as good as it looks. Best of all, it’s at no cost to your health, quite the contrary: the absence of caffeine and processed sugars is welcomed by the body. I know what you're thinking, but its vivid shade of blue is completely natural, stemming (sorry) from the rich colour of the Butterfly Pea flower.


Our Shroom Latte is simply an elevated latte. By adding powdered mushrooms to the traditional recipe, your caffeine kick is transformed into something more healthy and sustainable. The coffee in the Shroom Latte makes it more suited to morning treatments, giving that added boost, while the mushrooms offer a variety of wellness benefits. We use a powdered form of Reishi and Cordyceps mushrooms, which have been used in Chinese and Japanese medicines and therapies for centuries, to create a supplement to support the body’s wellness. Historically these mushrooms have been used to reduce the feeling of fatigue; Cordyceps fungi, in particular, are thought to boost strength and libido, while Reishi mushrooms are traditionally used to improve the resilience of the immune system. As adaptogens - natural ingredients that seek to balance the hormonal system and resist external stressors - the mushrooms complement the latte by stabilising the caffeine, creating a steadier release of energy.

Treat yourself to a wellness latte as an accompaniment to a CBD treatment at your nearest Cowshed spa.


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