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  • Anna Whitehouse says beauty is in the eye


    Author of Sunday Times bestselling book Parenting The Shit Out of Life and founder of Flex Appeal – a campaign to fight for flexible working for all - Anna Whitehouse aka Mother Pukka talks about postpartum beauty and why a catseye flick is not crossing the line.

    The first (and last) ever beauty vlog I did was called ‘How Not To Scare People With Your Face’. The basic premise of it was cobbling together a vague look in 60 seconds with a toddler hanging off your left leg – quite the challenge if you’re attempting a catseye flick. Either way, I had come to the realization that phrases like ‘this look will take you seamlessly from day to night’ and ‘a slick of neon yellow eyeshadow’ just didn’t wash on the nursery run. So with a make-up bag that was once brimming with versatility, I ended up with three items: Benefit’s concealer for dark circles, NARS orgasm blush to make it look like I might have some life in me and – somewhat punchily – Tom Ford’s Liquid Liner.

    Having never considered that feline flick because of the sheer skill it requires, the beauty director at Stylist magazine where I was working at the time told me to give Tom Ford’s pen a go. One steady slick across my sleep-ravaged eyelid and I was sold. In 10 seconds my eyes were crow-barred open and as the tiredness got more intense, the flick heightened like some sort of exhaustion graph.

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  • Gifting this Mother's Day


    Our guide to gifting this Mother’s Day is here to help you decide which set might be the best fit for your mum. Whether you have absolutely no idea what to get, or you just need a little push in the right direction, here’s a selection of gift sets that make it seem easy.

    The Busy Mum

    For the mum that never stops, our Signature Hand & Body selection is a godsend. As well as the Refresh hand wash and lotion, this set features our bestselling Relax bath and shower gel and body lotion, making it perfect for the mum that needs to take a minute- or thirty- and slow down.

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  • Meet Etta Loves founder Jen Fuller


    Our latest collaboration is with Etta Loves, the range of sensory muslin squares featuring prints designed with an expert in children’s vision to support babies’ visual and cognitive development. We spoke to founder Jen Fuller about the highs and lows of launching her own business and what might be next.

    What was your background before launching Etta Loves – had you always hoped to run your own business?

    'I’ve spent the past 20 years working in a media agency, mostly client service and media planning. I’ve loved every minute but have always been searching for an idea good enough to take a chance and start something for myself, to afford me the flexibility and freedom around my family.'

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  • A mindful moment with Jade Jasmin


    We love meeting people who share our passion for honest, natural beauty and who have something to bring to the wellness conversation. Jade Jasmin left a career in the music industry to set up on her own, practising holistic massage therapy, teaching yoga, mindfulness and meditation. She has curated retreats and wellness spaces around the world and has called Sri Lanka, London and now Portugal home.

    'I spent over five years working in busy creative roles in music, marketing, management and events, and became acutely aware of the physical and emotional impact of these hectic industries and stressful job roles. Yoga and Holistic Therapies have always been a part of my lifestyle so in 2016 I made the move into the wellness industry, starting with massage therapy, yoga and meditation to help redress my own balance, and now I love helping others find theirs. My approach to wellbeing is simple and personable. Over the last few years I have continued to grow and develop my skills specialising in Holistic Massage Therapy, Reiki, teaching Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation.

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  • Meet Scamp & Dude founder Jo


    This spring we are delighted to launch a limited edition collection of superpower-infused products with award-winning fashion brand Scamp & Dude. Here we find out more about founder Jo Tutchener Sharp, the highs and lows of launching your own business and why she decided Cowshed was the perfect partner.

    'A couple of years ago my life took an unexpected turn when I suffered a brain haemmorhage.  I had to face surgery and the fact I might leave my boys, who were then just one and three years old, without a mummy. It was missing my boys in hospital while recovering from surgery that inspired the creation of Scamp & Dude.

    When I was facing brain surgery and the fact I may die, I found myself asking myself if I was proud of how I’d lived my life, if I had done enough to help other people. I decided that running a PR agency had been a lot of fun, but I had definitely not helped enough people and made a difference, so I made a promise to myself that if I made it through surgery, I would do more good. 

    I came up with the idea for Superhero Sleep Buddies when missing my kids in hospital and wishing I could have given them a Superhero to watch over them while we were apart. The Superhero Sleep Buddies have a pocket on the back to hold a photograph of whomever they want to hold close. We donate one to a child who has lost a parent or is seriously ill themselves for every one sold. This is at the heart of Scamp & Dude.'

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