Winter Skin SOS


We asked Cowshed Educator and Training Manager Jess Sproson what skincare she would recommend to get an unhappy complexion back on track.

'Skin can really suffer at this time of year - it’s cold, then it’s wet, then it’s sunny and we’re going in and out of heated homes, offices and public transport. Other factors including stress can result in skin feeling dry, sensitive, red, itchy and suffering from breakouts. Not good, especially going into the party season when it's fun to play with shimmery make-up and rich shades that rely on a perfectly-prepped base. So, here's what I'd advise. Firstly, it all depends on your skin type:

If you struggle with dry skin all the time...

'You tend to put loads of balms, lotions and potions on skin to counterbalance that dryness. If your face is feeling really itchy it could be due to a build-up of those products, so just strip it back and use something really gentle and mild. Glycolic washes (i.e. chemical exfoliants) can be too drying for skin, so a physical exfoliant is better for this time of year to slough off the dry skin. Try our Calendula Refining Facial scrub and Evening Primrose Balancing Facial Oil (full of omegas and fatty acids) to gently remove the build-up and feed the skin with the moisture it needs.'

 If you struggle with breakouts…

'You’ll already be aware of your sebum production and as a result might have more of an astringent routine, which with the weather change can leave skin feeling dehydrated as you're not putting enough moisture into the skin. So, take a break, let skin heal and go back to basics using a nice gentle cleanser like an oil or a mild cream – nothing with exfoliants in it. Coconut or olive oil would be really nice or I would recommend our Lavender Gentle Cleanser and Quinoa Hydrating Daily Moisturiser.'

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