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  • Introducing Wild Nutrition

    In our spas, we offer touch therapy and great food and drink in a warm, welcoming environment but we know that our customers’ emotional and general wellbeing need to be addressed too, so we're now offering supplements to sit alongside our feel-good treatments. The capsule collection (forgive the pun) of food-grown supplements is by Wild Nutrition, founded by nutritionist Henrietta Norton and her husband Charles.


    Henrietta developed the range of food-grown supplements after noticing that some of her clients were unable to process synthetic nutrients effectively, or even had adverse reactions to them. In the course of her research she discovered that this is due to ‘methylation’ – genetic variations which means the body struggles to proces synthetic forms of supplements such as vitamin B5. She realised as a nutritional therapist that she only wanted to work with natural, food-grown nutrients.

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