Get Fresh: The Lowdown on Citrus


Whether it’s grapefruit, lemon or bitter orange, citrus fruits are known for their rejuvenating properties and their essential oils are the hero ingredients in many of our products.

Grapefruit doesn’t just make an excellent breakfast option – the essential oil obtained from the peel is also naturally uplifting, stimulating and great at toning the skin. Plus it smells delicious, with a tangy, invigorating aroma. That’s why you’ll find it in our Refresh Hand Wash and Refresh Hand Cream, plus our Replenish mood and Revive Foot Scrub (because weary feet can always benefit from a refreshing grapefruit-based wake-up call).


Sweet Orange
Extracted by cold press from the peel, this essential oil helps to eliminate toxins and supports collagen formation. It’s also antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory. Look out for it in our Restore Exfoliating Hand Wash and Restore Hand Cream.


Red Mandarin
Another citrus that’s found in our Replenish range (everything from Bath & Body Oil to the Body Lotion), sweet and zesty red mandarin is used mainly to improve the skin’s circulation and can help prevent stretch marks. A long soak in a tub with our Replenish Bath Oil will release fragrant clouds of steam that can help to relieve stress too.


Bitter Orange
Also known as petitgrain, this essential oil is obtained from the leaves and buds of the bitter orange tree. Naturally relaxing and calming, as well as refreshing and rejuvenating, it’s another standout hero in our Replenish mood and also makes an appearance in our Refresh Hand Wash.


Last but in no way least is the ultimate citrus: lemon. This zingy fruit packs a punch with a whole range of properties, from anti–ageing and anti-itching to antimicrobial, antioxidant and astringent. It’s also purifying, refreshing and a stimulant which makes it the natural choice (in every sense of the word) for our Soften shampoo and Soften conditioner.

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