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  • The Natural Chef's No Bake Brownies


    Brownies that are delicious, easy to make and good for you are the dream.  Here's Natural chef and food blogger Ceri Jones' recipe for her seriously delicious cacao espresso no bake brownies. Check out her blog Natural Kitchen Adventures for more inspiration and ideas...

    'I believe that brownies should be rich, gooey and so unbelievably chocolately so I rarely find that ‘healthier’ versions hit the spot.  These no bake ‘raw’ brownies are quite different to your average coffee shop brownie but the gooey dates, and rich chocolately raw cacao ensure they deliver on my non-negotiables.  I’ve added a touch of coffee extract to my topping for added oomph too.'

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  • How to Sleep Better: Tips from The Sleep Council

    Sleep. It's vital to health, wellbeing and happiness, but it's all too easy to neglect. We asked Lisa Artis from The Sleep Council to explain why a good night's sleep is so important and for some straightforward suggestions to help you get a more restful, refreshing slumber.

    Common reasons why you can’t sleep

    'Stress and worry are the main contributing factors to sleepless nights.  Stress causes the heart rate to go up and in turn the mind starts to ‘race’. This causes the brain to become too alert and stimulated to sleep. We often find that parents’ sleep issues are down to a child not sleeping which in turn affects a family. Partner disturbance is also cited as a common reason why someone doesn’t sleep – that covers everything from duvet hogging to more serious issues such as snoring.

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  • Tried & Tested: Slender Legs


    We sent our Digital & Operations Director Aalish to try out the newly revamped Slender Legs treatment at Cowshed's Carnaby Street spa. Here's what she thought...

    'I was certain I’d just heard the words “Would you like to review Cowshed’s recently updated Slender Cow Legs treatment?” But nothing that good ever happens at 5pm in the office on a Monday evening. I heard it again. Phoebe, Cowshed’s Editor poked me in the arm. “Aalish, would you like to review the Slender Cow Legs…?”. I didn’t even let her finish her sentence the second time round. “I’m there!” I said. “Just tell me where and when and what I have to do! I’ll do anything!”

    I spent a larger than strictly productive proportion of the next week mulling over what Cowshed’s Carnaby spa might have in store for me. Whilst I’ve tried nearly every one of our treatments over the past few years I haven’t ever plumped for Slender Legs. Surely, I’d be better spending the hour in the gym? And yet, I kept hearing great things about the treatments and the Slender Cow products continue to fly off the shelves. I knew I was guaranteed a gloriously indulgent hour in the newly refurbished Carnaby spa – Cowshed always delivers ten out of ten on the relax and forget the world front. But would I really have slender legs? My inner sceptic raised her eyebrows.

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  • Finding your Fit with Amy Hopkinson


    Women's Health's digital editor Amy Hopkinson is the perfect person to ask for tips for starting 2018 with a healthy, happy and balanced mind and body. Here she shares what she's learned from her wellness journey, from working out what 'fit' means to you, to always wearing the right trainers for your workout...

    'I used to work for a women’s lifestyle site and while I was there Nike asked me to live tweet a cycle from London to Brighton. To get fit enough in three weeks I trained with one of their trainers, Sonia Moses. I’d done running before but I'd never worked with a Personal Trainer. I got a real buzz from it, did the cycle and went back to work. I wasn’t that happy in my job and my outlet was going out drinking which meant I always felt tired and hungover. I started adding in more exercise until I was training five times a week.

    The job came up at Women’s Health and it felt like a bit of a calling in life. My nan’s a yoga teacher – at 76 she still teaches 12 classes a week! My mum's also a yoga teacher and she teaches 20 classes and does summer retreats in Ibiza so it’s always been in the family. So that’s where I am today – three years in at Women’s Health, it’s been a journey but a great one.

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