Beauty Juice: The Lowdown on House Press


In every Soho House and Cowshed spa you'll find rows of colourful bottles waiting to deliver a refreshing and healthy hit of cold pressed juice. This is House Press - another part of the Soho House family, just like Cowshed, and equally dedicated to making you feel good on the inside and - as it turns out - on the outside too. Here Artur Zielinski, head of House Press, explains which cold pressed juices contain the ultimate beauty-boosting ingredients.

But first, what exactly is a cold pressed juice? It's all about the hydraulic extraction process apparently which used a tremendous amount of pressure to extract every last drop of goodness from fruit and veg. Over a kilogram of produce is squeezed into every 500ml bottle to deliver a concentrated hit of vitamins and nutrients, making a House Press juice perfect for detoxing, cleansing or boosting your energy levels. Ok, over to Artur...


'Glow is our beauty juice - we call it Glow because it helps you have a glowing skin. It’s a mix of red grapes, pomegranate, guava, ginger, lime and it’s mixed with rose extract and collagen. All the ingredients will help you have good looking skin – you have red grapes which are high in resveratol, which can help reduce wrinkles, pomegranate which is high in antioxidants and vitamin E which again helps to have nice looking skin. Guava is extremely high in Vitamin C as well as Vitamin A, otherwise known as Beta Carotene which helps you have a nice tan. Vitamin C is essential if you want to produce more collagen in your body. Ginger can help you improve your skin by fixing your digestion while lime has extra Vitamin C.

Rose also might help you to hydrate your skin from inside, boost your mood and then collagen which is probably the most important ingredient in this juice. Our collagen is made from fish skin so obviously it’s not a vegan juice or vegetarian. Collagen is extremely important if you want to reduce your wrinkles, if you want to have young looking skin but at the same time it’s good for problems with digestion and it’s great for insomnia or you want to relax your body. This is the perfect juice for Cowshed!'


'Also good for beauty are our Green and Hard Green juices because they have cucumbers in them plus spinach and kale that are very high in Beta Carotene so good for a natural tan. So Glow, Green, Hard Green – those are the best to improve your complexion.'

What about boosting your mood?

'Our Citrus juice with turmeric, cayenne pepper, orange and grapefruit can help you to boost your natural energy in the morning, speed up your metabolism and wake you up. The turmeric and cayenne pepper even make you feel happy so if you feel grumpy in the morning this might help you to smile again. [Try it with our Grumpy shower gel to really tackle the morning head on!]'


'Another one would be the Energy juice because people usually want to get energized in the morning and that’s the reason why they have caffeine. Energy is like the younger brother of Citrus. It’s got very similar benefits but it’s made from slightly different fruits so apart from the orange you’ve got mango and passion fruit which are high in Vitamin B so might help you feel more energized.

We also add extracts like maca and cacao (maca is an adaptogen and stimulant from South America – it’s a super root) to help increase your energy levels, wake you up and reduce stress. Then the cacao is like chocolate, it’s a raw cacao extract which helps to boost energy levels, give you extra magnesium and just feel happy again.'


'Other juices in the morning I would say Green or Hard Green juice – it's great to have them on an empty stomach because you’ll be able to absorb more vitamins and minerals. Then as a second breakfast I would go for Red juice – it helps to increase your endorphins because it contains beetroot which is high in nitrates that speed up your blood flow, increasing oxygen in the muscles. So it’s great if you go to the gym or even if you just want to feel more energized in the afternoons instead of having another coffee.'


How can you prepare for winter and fend off coughs and colds?

'We have a Ginger juice which is great to have in the winter when people start to get sick. Ginger is antibacterial, antiviral, it would be like a protective juice to boost your immune system. It’s just three ingredients – ginger, lemon and green apple – and is very refreshing. It’s one of our bestsellers and even sells very well in summertime because it’s very refreshing when it’s ice cold.

All of our juices will help you boost your immune system, but definitely Ginger, Citrus because it’s got the turmeric and all the citrus fruits which are high in Vitamin C, Hard Green and Green juices.'

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