Review: The Frugality Gets a Moody Massage


If there's one blog we never fail to check, it's The Frugality. The fashion, beauty and increasingly interiors-focussed site is the brainchild of freelance stylist Alex Stedman, who is known for her amazing ability to make savvy high street finds look like high fashion. As we're celebrating our famous moods this month, we sent Alex and her boyfriend to try our signature Moody Massage...

'You'd think post-holiday, we'd be all blissed out without the need for a relaxing massage. In fact the opposite was true - a late night budget airline back from Spain at 1am and straight back into a week of stressful work and appointments actually left us in need of some spa time. So we jumped at the chance to try the 'Moody Massage' at the Cowshed Selfridges spa, which was also a new spot to try.

Hidden at the back of the beauty hall, the spa is a lovely little sanctuary and I took 5 minutes to relax and prepare before the treatment. My husband had a massage too, and he was somewhat anxious as the last massage he had was in India where he laid stark naked and was rubbed uncomfortably and rather roughly with oil (and the entire process with the door open). But he was put at ease within minutes, as was I, the staff were lovely and understanding when I always decide I need to pop to the loo as soon as I enter the room! 


We had our massages in separate rooms, I was asked to choose my mood and I went with Wild to feel uplifted (I usually go for more relaxing scents but I had been feeling so lethargic lately). My masseuse was firmer than I've had before but it was very much needed (and you could always say if it was too much) and the stretches made me realise how little I stretch myself out at home.  I concentrated mainly on my back (and particularly my lower back from laptop ache) and then legs and arms.

My husband had the Moody oil with chamomile extract and was surprised at what a difference the stretches and massage made to the tension held in his legs. Chris was recommended to have a deep tissue shoulder massage next time as the there was still a lot of tension there that needed specific attention - mainly as his day job involves him carrying a lot of equipment.


We both left feeling not only super relaxed but refreshed and full of energy, something neither of us were expecting! We were told to drink lots of fluids that evening so we went home, got a takeaway and agreed that dual massages were definitely a joint activity we could get on board with...'

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